River Valley Kitchen

Fresh, Farm-to-Table Food

Meals at River Valley Lodge are a celebration of seasonal produce, sourced primarily from our gardens.

We do not publish a menu, because we do not have one! Rather our chefs are encouraged to be creative and prepare beautiful gourmet meals with whatever produce is freshly and carefully harvested that day. These meals are augmented with relishes and chutneys again produced from ingredients sourced from our gardens.

Lunches again highlight locally grown produce with dish choice varying day by day.

Breakfast is your choice of continental or cooked.

We are conscious of animal welfare when sourcing the meat that accompanies our meals. We are also conscious of the environmental impact of our purchasing choices. While we do not claim to be close to godliness on this, where possible we do base our purchasing decisions with these impacts in mind. Consequently, when we serve chicken, it is sourced from an organic free-range supplier, while beef and lamb are grass reared and finished. Some of the latter is from our own livestock.

Please let us know in advance any dietary requirements or allergies.

Booking Meals

If you have booked accommodation, make sure you ask to book in for dinner. Or, check out our Double Trouble or Bed ‘n Breakfast packages These packages include meal options. We are open for casual dining (breakfast, lunch and 1, 2 or 3-course dinners), but we do require you to book ahead. You can do this by calling us on 0800 248666 or emailing thelodge@rivervalley.co.nz.

Ethical – Local – Sustainable

Food is one of those things in life that people are passionate about

At River Valley, we are passionate not just about food, but also about where our food comes from. We strongly believe in the ethics of purchasing good food. We believe in serving food that is wholesome and healthy and at the same time ethical, local, and environmentally sustainable.

All the meat we use is, where available, organic – free-range in the case of chicken, and grass-fed in the case of beef. The eggs come from our own happy, free-range chickens.

River Valley Acres supplies many of our vegetables, salads and herbs, ensuring freshness and taste. This produce is picked daily, and a short time later is served in meals prepared in the Lodge kitchen.

Group Dining

River Valley Lodge is the perfect venue for group dining. We can cater for large groups, just be sure to book ahead by giving us a call.

The lodge is a unique venue for events and special occasions. These include Christmas functions, private parties, weddings, family reunions, workshops or retreats, conferences and corporate events. All meals are served using our interpretation of family service, that is, buffet style with a variety of dishes placed on each table.

The Bar

Opening hours 4.00pm -12.00am

Our licensed ‘Fulcrum Pit’ bar serves a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The bar features a broad range of New Zealand wines, craft beers and ciders as well as spirits. We also have cold NZ beer and cider on tap, and seasonal specials like mulled wine. Please note, as we are a licensed premises you cannot bring your own alcohol.