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Witness remarkable landscapes in the safe hands of a highly experienced team. Our Expertise, Knowledge and Insights, accumulated over Three Generations, can give you the most Rewarding, Interesting and Enjoyable adventure experience you have ever had.

Within our extended family we can lay claim to three generations of Rafting and Horse Trekking Guides. Unique amongst adventure operators

You can experience, knowledge and insights that have not been lost with each change of staff, but rather treasured and added to over decades by the family.

A River Valley trip will be something to talk about for years to come, and make your adventure seeking friends wish they were there.

To make sure you choose the BEST experience for you, please take the time to read our guides.

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River Valley Lodge is an ideal venue to catch up with friends, have a reunion with family, book for a corporate retreat or adventure, take time out to recharge your batteries, or simply use as a base for some fantastic adventuring.

River Valley is based beside the Rangitikei River on the central North Island of New Zealand.

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See what our guests have to say

“What the hell a bleached blonde princess of 44 with a knee injury was doing contemplating a Grade 5 river rafting trip was completely beyond me.” Peer pressure and a New Years Eve rash promise was the main cause, but following through with it was proving to change me into a fully fledged diva who was scared shitless and ready to bolt at first opportunity!

Kelly Judkins


This experience is one that got me “out of my seat”, out of the city and into a fabulous combination of spectacular scenery, great company and an unforgettable adventure.” My biggest obstacle in doing a Grade 5 rafting trip with River Valley was a previous negative kayaking experience. As it turned out, if I had had the cash and time I would have done a second trip the next morning!

Neil Duxbury


“The one thing that I think probably stands in the way of a lot of people coming to River Valley is it is in the middle of nowhere… it’s worth the ride into the wilderness” I would really recommend River Valley. There are so many people who never really experience the outdoors. They don’t get to breathe fresh air and the air here is so pure. You can even drink the water in the river.

Paula Byrne


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