A More Normal Summer

A more normal summer at River Valley Lodge on the Rangitikei River? I think so.

We have been experiencing some beautiful warm and hot days of late, though today we have needed warm rain, replenishing pastures that had started to burn off and, no doubt, topping up the river by tonight.

The last fresh through the river, between Christmas and New Year, removed most of the weed that had started to bloom, leaving good fishing conditions and great swimming.

Talking of swimming, I did not venture in once last season, what with the constant rain and cool temperatures. Not so this year.

The forecasters have been saying we are in for a drought for several months now. Looking out my window and seeing a steady, warm summer rain creating puddles on the driveway, it is hard to see that happening.

Many of you will, no doubt, be aware that a huge slip entered the river at Fulcrum Rapid. Because of safety fears we had about people walking around the bottom of this slip, we stopped rafting that section of the river for a few weeks. We are now back rafting the entire Grade 5 section. However, we expect there may be further changes if the river floods today. (Update: there were no significant changes after the expected lift, and we are still running the entire Grade 5 section)

What a change sunshine brings!

The vegetable garden is pumping with loads of beautiful fresh produce delivered daily to The Kitchen at the Lodge.

Veggie garden Summer 2024

Being on the river, rafting, or inflatable kayaking is so much more pleasant when the sun shines. The Awesome Scenic Rafting Adventure has been a real hit with families this season. Kids, being kids, want to leap into the water and swim beside the boat at any opportunity. You can do that when the days are hot, and the water is warm.

Rafting, Grade 5 Summer 2024

Departures on e-bikes are presently scheduled for earlier in the day. Riding in the coolness of the morning when the colours in the landscape are at their most vibrant is so rewarding.

Gentle Annie Cycle Journey

Appreciative riders are out and about, riding sleek, well muscled and conditioned horses, doing what they do best, exploring our area, the countryside of the northern Rangitikei District.

8 day horse trek 2024

You have got to love summer!


Brian Megaw