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discover big skies, dramatic landscapes, clear waters and warm Country-Style hospitality. Welcome to our home.
Tucked away at the base of the Ruahine Ranges and Mt. Aorangi, on the banks of the Rangitikei River, River valley lodge is the perfect escape from the stress of every day life. We have a range of accommodation options from backpacker style bunk rooms, to campsites through to deluxe Riverside Suites perfect for a romantic weekend away.

Whether you’re looking for a scenic weekend retreat, an adventure holiday or simply a beautiful place to put your head for a night we would love to invite you to come and stay with us, but be warned: once you experience the valley, some people never leave.

A River Valley Lodge stay, need not be just about rafting or riding horses. The Lodge is also a great place to relax. There are several short walks, a great swimming hole in the river, two saunas and a spa, and plenty of places to just relax with a book and enjoy the peace and quiet. Below are some suggested things to do during your stay.

The Spa

Treat yourself to a relaxing session in our sauna or hot tub. We have two saunas for you to choose from, either a traditional wood-fired sauna or the infa-red sauna. Take a soak under the stars in our riverside hot tub, and finish off with a refreshing rainfall shower. Use of the spa is complimentary when you book any package including our deluxe ensuite rooms.


Enjoy a relaxing massage by the river, at the River Valley Spa, with our resident masseuse.  1 hour massage $120, 1.5 hours $150.

Ayurvedic Massage
Ayurveda – in Sanskrit meaning “Life Knowledge” Ayurvedic Massage is an ancient form of massage native to the Indian Subcontinent and a form of alternative medicine.

Sports & Remedial Massage
Sports & Remedial Massage targets the chronic patterns of tension in the body at the deeper tissue structures and fascia, also called connective tissue. It is a more focused type of massage and works to release chronic muscle tension.

Mobility & Yoga Classes

Mobility & Yoga

Our mobility & Yoga class is a combination of multiple methods of stretching, foam rolling, muscle pain release, and functional movement. It’s not just flexibility, but it involves being flexible. It’s not just yoga, but incorporates some yoga positions. It’s not just stability, but it includes having core strength. The goal is to have a functional body where you can bend over and straighten back again without unnecessary pain, run without having fatigue afterward, or lift weight without having to feel restricted because of pain or lack of flexibility. Having good mobility means being able to walk, sit, run and move the way your body was intended to.

The class is designed for you to better understand and be aware of your body and improve mobility gradually. We will help you improve functionality, movement patterns and restore a functional range of motion where possible.

You’ll improve your range of motion and your posture while alleviating some everyday aches and pains. You’ll also decrease muscle tension, reduce the risk of injury, improve blood circulation and recover faster in between workouts.

We offer 1 hour group classes, or private classes.

The River

It wouldn’t be a visit to River Valley without taking a dip in the river! There is a small beach with a great natural swimming hole right outside the lodge. The Rangitikei is one of the cleanest rivers in New Zealand, and there is nothing better to do in Summer than to go for a swim. You can also use the trolley to get to the other side of the river which is a great jump spot.

Short Walks

Take a walk up the road for a beautiful sunrise and stunning views out over the rolling hills.  Or go for a stroll with the kids and say hello to our cows, chickens, sheep and horses.


Challenge your friends to a game of volleyball on our volleyball court in the lodge gardens.

Giant Chess

Down by the river you’ll find a giant chess set. Take in the beautiful view of the river while you enjoy your game.


Play a game of petanque on our petanque court – fun for the whole family!

Volleyball Court
Giant Chess

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