Are The Goal Posts Moving Again?

By Brian Megaw | December 16, 2023

Are The Goal Posts Moving Again? Operating a business such as River Valley is one in which the goalposts are constantly moving. This is certainly true of the last four years. Two years of COVID, Cyclones, A summer without a summer, A Cost of Living Crisis, and a giant slip into the Rangitikei River on [...]

Do You Like an Exploratory Bike Ride?

By Brian Megaw | October 22, 2023

Do You Like an Exploratory Bike Ride? Over the years of being a river guide, I have always felt excitement and anticipation when on a new river. It did not matter too much whether that was on an easier graded river or something more challenging. What lay around the next corner? How difficult were any [...]

Seasonal Outlooks

By Brian Megaw | October 16, 2023

Seasonal Outlooks Over the years, I have listened to so many seasonal forecasts. I distinctly remember attending a concessionaires meeting in Spring 2022 and being told that the outlook was for drought the coming summer and that we should gear up on that assumption. Of course, what did eventuate? The wettest summer in living memory. [...]

Can Tourism Help Small Communities?

By Brian Megaw | May 3, 2023

Can Tourism Help Small Communities? Here are a few thoughts and observations regarding the effects of tourism on small communities after having just ridden the Alps to Ocean Cycleway. The Alps to Ocean Cycleway is one of New Zealand’s Great Rides. It starts at either Aoraki/Mt. Cook or at Tekapo. Over the following days of [...]

Fresh Eyes: What a Fantastic Country We Live In

By Brian Megaw | April 6, 2023

Fresh Eyes: What a Fantastic Country We Live In Some friends recently stayed at home with their motorhome for a few days. From Taihape, they journeyed south to explore Cape Palliser, Castle Point and Riversdale Beach, all on the Southeast Coast of the North Island. Amongst the messages, I got from them was this one. [...]


By Brian Megaw | March 1, 2023

Loops We have had quite a few cyclists staying at River Valley Lodge over the last few months. These have varied from couples to cycling-orientated tour groups. Some have used our hire e-bikes, but many brought along their own bikes – a mix of gravel, standard pedal mountain bikes, and e-bikes. It has been really [...]

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