The Family and New Blood in the Business of River Valley

What was in many ways a fairly momentous change for the future of River Valley recently occurred at the local Taihape Solicitors office.

This change felt a long time coming. It had been worked on and talked about for three years, if not longer.

The change that took place is that Nicola and I (along with the family trust we had set up) are now not the only owners of River Valley.

Joining us as shareholders are our eldest daughter, Janey, and her husband, Tom. While for now still very much minority owners, over time they will become the majority owners, the public faces and driving forces of the company.

This development is best seen as a generational change, much the same as when Nicola and I took over from her parents.

I am excited about it!

Janey and Tom will have more opportunity to communicate and put into action their vision of where the future of River Valley lies, though at this stage, I don’t anticipate enormous changes. We have been a family company forever and have over the years talked about these sorts of things in depth. It is a shared path we all want to follow.

The Details


Janey is already the Operations Manager and will continue in that role for a while yet. She also gains a new hat as a director.

Tom rafting

Tom is actually our longest serving non family employee, arriving at River Valley over 20 years ago. He is a very experienced river guide, who has also, over the last few years done some summer agricultural work. I get the distinct feeling that he is quite excited about getting his teeth full time into making River Valley all that it can be.

Nicola and Brave

Nicola is going to carry on with her role, and passion, working with the horses at River Valley Stables. She has driven some exciting developments there with multi-day rides in particular. The time and effort she has put into these are coming to fruition with the first departures on the 8-day trek later this summer.

And me?

For now, there will be few changes in what I do; however, over time, I anticipate taking more of a background role. I hope to do more writing, but also carry further forward what we are doing in the building of the River Valley community, conservation, regeneration and in the growing of organic nutrient dense food.

What Changes Do These Developments Mean for You, Our Customer?

In the short term, at least, we do not anticipate that you will notice any major changes. We will still raft one of the prettiest and most exciting rivers in New Zealand. We will still horse trek over the dramatic landscape that surrounds River Valley Lodge. We will still offer a friendly and welcoming destination for travellers. We will continue to provide tasty, nutritious meals that have as a base, produce that is grown organically on the property.

To be a part of a multi-generational company is both a privilege and a responsibility. We owe it to you, our customers, for us being able to follow this path. We look forward to you carrying on the journey with us.

Brian Megaw

4 generations of the Sage and Megaw family

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