We often overhear discussions by visitors around the lodge that suggest rafting is only for the young and adventurous thrill-seekers.

This year has proven this statement to be not only untrue, but in many cases not even the norm.

Rafting attracts such an array of people; all ages, diverse backgrounds, varying abilities and assorted personalities. This year alone we have had the opportunity to take children’s school groups, corporate functions, fishing trips and family reunions down the river. The age of rafters has ranged from 2 to 80 plus.

When you consider what makes a rafting trip, it isn’t just being on the water or the rapids that you encounter. It’s a journey, that starts with waking on that first morning, travelling to the put-on, learning how to use your paddle and respond to commands. It’s about being totally immersed in nature, learning about the river and enjoying the intimate company of those that you are sharing the experience with.

I am lucky enough to read all of the reviews that come through, and every now and then we receive one that really makes me smile and remember why we are a part of this industry.

“We absolutely loved it. Not just the amenities, or activities, which are superb, but the fact that all the staff made us feel so much at home. Especially Guy and Max who painstakingly and carefully carried our 20 year old daughter, who is physically challenged, over rocks and boulders so that we could do the Scenic Rafting Trip. We are forever grateful.”
What a pleasure it is.

Some keen young rafters

The scenic section of the Rangitikei River