Choosing the Right River Valley Adventure

There is a widely held popular idea that white water rafting is only for “Adventurers”. These adventurers are generally profiled as being young and fit risk takers.

While it is true that many of our rafting clients do fit this type of profile, many other people that experience the river do not.

One reason that many do not, is because not everyone wants to experience the river as an adrenaline fueled blast. Instead these people have done some research and chosen one of our other trips that better suits them.

We would hope that within our range of river trips there is one for you.

Some examples:

The Awesome Scenic Adventure- a great day trip for older groups of friends or families. Fun Grade 2 rapids and beautiful scenery, complete with a picnic lunch on the riverbank.

Mokai Canyon- a three day river trip on the Rangitikei River, perfect for time out as you float through magnificent river canyons, and camp at pretty campsites. Suitable for families.

3 – 6 day Dory Trips on the Whanganui River- experience this “Great Walk” through the Whanganui National Park while relaxing in the most beautiful boat on the river. Ideal for those who do not want to paddle a canoe.

Rangitikei Headwaters- a three day trip that involves flying in to the remote headwaters and rafting out over 3 days. You do need to have a moderate level of fitness for this trip.

Grade 5 Rafting on the Rangitikei River- this is the trip that has the big rapids. Perfect for all adventurers that are looking for a half day of fun and exciting rafting.

The trips above are just a selection of what River Valley has on offer. Choosing the right trip is the best way to really enjoy time on the river.

There will be a trip for you.

Brian Megaw

A classic wooden river dory on the Whanganui River

Having some fun on a Grade 5 trip on the Rangitikei River

Floating through a stunning river canyon on a Mokai Canyon trip.