A change of subject matter for the River Valley Blog this week.

Many of you will be aware that we grow a great deal of the produce that we cook and serve to guests in our own organic vegetable gardens. This allows our chefs to create some real tasty dishes.

This week Miranda is sharing one of her recipes for her extremely tasty Chili Jam

River Valley Chili Jam – made with chilies we traded eggs for from Coke

8 BIG cloves of garlic ( or the more the merrier) crushed

1 big piece of fresh Ginger crushed

750 ml Vinegar (White or if you are onto it homemade apple cider vinegar)

1L Water

2 tsp Salt

3C White sugar

1 Kg Red Chili

Zest of 4 limes (or if where you live is like Taihape and they are hard to get, use lemons)

And This Is What You Do With All Those Ingredients

Blitz the chilies till they are pretty fine but not a paste. ..We left all the seeds in as we like it HOT

Add all the ingredients in to a  non reactive pot (stainless steel or cast iron)

Simmer slowly for at least two hours.You can add more water if needed. When its ready it is slightly darker in colour and has the consistency of a thick sweet chili sauce.

Finely diced coriander leaves and roots are a delicious optional addition when it is cooked. A couple of teaspoons of fish sauce near the end is also super amazing..(We didn’t add it to keep the jam vegetarian.)


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Brian Megaw