Women of the Whitewater

Its International Women’s Day today, an important day particularly given the current political climate. On this one day of the year we celebrate the achievements of great women who have paved the way against adversity, but also to recognise that there is still inequality among so many facets of society.

Women are prevalent and successful in whitewater rafting and kayaking these days, worldwide but particularly in New Zealand, because well, they absolutely kick arse here. The New Zealand Women’s Rafting Team has now won so many World Championships that they now hold a Guinness World Record for the ‘Most Consecutive Wins in World Rafting Series’.

However, women have not always been so welcome in the rafting world, which prior to the 1970’s was a almost solely male-dominated profession.

A few days ago, I heard rafting guide Janey’s 7-year-old daughter profess that when she grows up, she wants to “be a rafting guide like Mum!”

So, here is to the past, present and future women of whitewater rafting.

And women everywhere, doing awesome things every day.