What Is A Guaranteed Departure?

We know how hard it can be to organise a group of friends or family to book a multi day rafting or horse based adventure.

So hard in fact, that many many people just abandon the idea.

As a solution to these problems we have developed a page on our website entitled “Guaranteed Departures”

What is listed on this page are the dates of various multi day trips where the minimum numbers required for a trip to depart have been met.

If there are vacancies on any of these departures, then that has been noted. This means that if you are a solo or a couple you can join one of those departures that has a vacancy..

We hope this innovation helps those of you who would like to take part on one of these very special experiences.

Why so special?

I have already guided 4 multi day trips this season. Two of these were Fantail Canyon, one a Mountains to Vineyard and one a Rangitikei River Headwaters Expedition.

What makes these trips special is a combination of things. This includes beautiful scenery, remoteness from people, often fun rapids, and not least, the people you share the experience with.

Season finishes at the end of March so time to get planning.


A raft on a Rangitikei River Headwaters Expedition