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Testimonials – Rangitikei Rush

What do you get when you combine a Grade 5 Wet and Wild Rafting Trip with some of the highest, longest, fastest Bungy or Swing or Giant Flying Fox Rides?

You get the Rangitikei Rush – a fun adrenaline soaked deal for the adventurer short of time who just wants to hit the high points.

One of the world’s top half day Grade 5 Rafting Trips

Plus a choice of:

New Zealand’s highest Bridge Bungy Jump
The Longest, Fastest, Steepest Flying Fox in the Southern Hemisphere
The biggest Tandem Swing in New Zealand

Plus, a night at River Valley Lodge.

What a Rush!

Read enough, and just want to get on with it and book this package?

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See you on the river.

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What is the Rangitikei Rush all about. Watch this video to see.

“River Valley Lodge was an incredible adventure filled weekend, with great people to share good talks and incredible meals.”

“It was so convenient for a solo traveler to get to without a car, and the chance to get to Gravity Canyon added to the overall adventure!”

Kia ora Brian!

Every morning when I open my day planner I see my note “Write email to River Valley”. So here it is. Take from the following what you wish, its all true.

I had been in NZ working in Wellington only a few weeks before a 3 day weekend (also my birthday weekend) and wanted to take my first trip out of the City to see the NZ I imagined before I got here.

I had looked up a few adventure websites, and came across River Valley links on one site but kept browsing and thinking I wanted to go somewhere off the beaten track and not too touristy.

I saw the River Valley brochure twice more the following week and decided to look online to find out more. I was hooked when I read “On the other hand, if being outside cell phone reception for more than a few minutes is a major issue, or where shopping is an essential part of your day – then DO NOT COME TO RIVER VALLEY!”

I emailed and got an immediate greeting back filled with info. I wasn’t sure how I would get up there without a car, but found out that they offer a shuttle from the Taihape bus stop.

I booked a bunk and a spot on the Grade 5 White Water trip the day of my birthday and hopped on the bus.

Nicola greeted me right at the bus stop and told me of the many adventures I could go on and a bit of the story behind it all. She laughed at how awe-stuck and excited I was at seeing the beautiful country scene we were driving through.

It was a rainy evening so I hung out in the lodge and enjoyed a family style home cooked dinner and some brew from the river bar. The bunk accommodation was a perfect adventure lodge fit, with a waterfall view right out my window!

Woke up early on my birthday morning ready to raft. Met the guide, (who was celebrating his birthday the same day, at work, which gives you an idea of how much the staff enjoy their jobs!)

He said the river was going to rise and the trip was either not going out or had to leave early and get out there.

Luckily we went, and it was a QUICK ride. The scenery was beautiful, the rapids got the adrenaline pumping and the rock jump was a rush in the winter water! We got back to the lodge in 1/2 the usual time.

I wasn’t sure what I would do with the rest of the day, but remembered Nicola mentioned that River Valley and Gravity Canyon were friendly and they might be able to arrange a shuttle… so I went into the lodge and Clare phoned them to see about a bridge bungy.

They were there at the door in 30 minutes to take me to Gravity Canyon and continue the adrenaline rush. This time off NZ’s highest bridge bungy jump!!

Again, great company on the drive through beautiful NZ country!

When I got dropped back at the Lodge, the River Valley crew helped me really celebrate my birthday with a few brew cheers at the river bar and another amazingly delicious family style dinner at the lodge!

I woke my final morning and went on an early horse trek through the lush green rolling countryside. I even got to sniff fresh eucalyptus (which helps make you a bit chipper in the morning!).

Back at the lodge, I had one more incredible meal from the kitchen with the River Valley crew (I really couldn’t get enough of the food, yum!!) before getting shuttled back to the Taihape bus stop by Brian (with more great stories).

River Valley Lodge was an incredible adventure filled weekend, with great people to share good talks and incredible meals.

It was so convenient for a solo traveler to get to without a car, and the chance to get to Gravity Canyon added to the overall adventure!

For a gal traveling solo, I felt incredibly safe and at home the entire time. I experienced a grand adventure there, but incredibly, there is still more yet I could have done (like the River Valley SPA)… which leaves reason to get back to that lodge off the beaten track!

Thanks to the River Valley Crew for helping make my birthday weekend in NZ unforgettable and packed with laughs! Enjoy,

Jenn Gagnon