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3 Day Mokai Canyon Rafting Adventure

” The chill spray and rush of the water is instantly energising; and your attention is quickly focused on the river’s flow – wild and white, mildly ruffled, slickly swirling, or calmly clear. When it is quiet, you take in your surroundings: towering cliffs, canyons and hill sides, shoals of fish darting past the rafts, wild ducks and ducklings at the river’s edge, birds of prey wheeling in the vast blue sky, the countryside’s diverse plant life.”

Richard (father, age 52), Marianne (mother, age 57) and Jordan (son, age 23)

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Grade 5 Rafting, Rangitikei River, New Zealand

“My biggest obstacle in doing a Grade 5 rafting trip with River Valley was a previous negative kayaking experience. As it turned out, if I had had the cash and time I would have done a second trip the next morning!

Having now done the trip, I find that I have developed a craving for water and rafting, thanks to Tom, and what a brilliant adventure.”

Neil Duxbury
United Kingdom

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Horse Trekking in New Zealand with River Valley Stables

“I decided to try River Valley Stables because I really wanted to go somewhere that was going to let me ride how I ride. You know, not go and plod around some field with 10 other people.

And that is what I actually found with this experience……………………..”

Alex Hoskins-Smith
Auckland, NZ

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Multi Activity or Multi Sport Experiences at River Valley

“The horse trek was beautiful. The scenery was beautiful. Weather was great. It’s just very relaxing. It’s very nice. The white water rafting, I was a little nervous about it because we’ve never done that before…………………

If someone was interested in coming to New Zealand, I would definitely recommend River Valley. That would be one of the first things I would say – You got to stop by River Valley.”

Rick Cason
Fort Worth, Texas, USA
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Awesome Scenic Adventure – Fun Rafting – A great trip to do with a family

“A great trip for taking the children along. You just don’t feel that you have to keep your eye on them the whole time.”

Tim and Deanne, Wellington, NZ

“I must admit that even though I loved the Grade 5 section of river, the scenic section is to die for!! It was amazingly beautiful and relaxing! Even the adventure seekers need a break and that scenic section was the “calm”.”

Angela Nett, Boise, Idaho, USA

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Multi Day Rafting Trips

“The total sense of isolation and wilderness that began within 10 minutes of launching the rafts and lasted until we saw some fishermen an hour before reaching the take-out site. This was exactly what we had been looking for when researching a rafting experience for our family.

Although we were only away for two days we felt we had been on a big adventure, and at times it felt like we were exploring uncharted territory”

Peter Ennis for the Jones and Ennis families – Cambridge NZ, and the UK

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rafting on the ngaruroro river, hawkes bay

Team Building and Business Retreat Reviews and Testimonials

River Valley location – absolutely stunning, and well off the main road

Lack of cell phone coverage was a real bonus. I have participated in activities in the past where people found it difficult to switch off. Here there was no excuse. The team relaxed and got on with the job of having fun, participating in activities and working through our issues.

Paul Gamble
Program & PV&V Manager
Waratah NZ Limited

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Reunions and Get Togethers at River Valley Lodge

“We had such a wonderful weekend at River Valley – everyone is still buzzing, especially Mum and Dad. We couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing setting that suited all our needs with the age range from 5 months to 80 years! And the weather was pretty kind too.

Thanks for keeping the secret, although Nicola nearly let it out before the great grandparents and grandma had met Mia!”

on behalf of the “Barkwiths”
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