Baby Boomers increasingly finding outdoor adventure

Surfs Up For The Beach Boy Generation I was there, late 1977, or was it 1978? The Beach Boys in concert at Western Springs in Auckland, New Zealand. Brian Wilson, the truly gifted member of the band was there in spirit only as he idly tapped at the piano. He was [...]

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How to prepare for a Horse Trek with River Valley Stables, NZ

How To Get Prepared For a River Valley Stables Horse Trek Sore bum, sunburnt, scary and the horse seems to do whatever it likes. You did not picture your horse trekking experience to be anything like this. First Of All Some Background River Valley Stables offers a range of horse treks and horse riding [...]

What difference does water flow make to a rafting experience

What is the Difference Between A High Water and A Low Water Rafting Experience? Ants and crew running the bottom drop in Foamy Rapid at high flows A question we are often asked is, how does a rafting trip at high water differ from one at low water? To answer this I thought [...]

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