The Evolution of Garden Bed Development at River Valley Acres

By Brian Megaw | September 27, 2020

The Evolution of Garden Bed Development at River Valley Acres For this, the latest (and possibly last) extension to the River Valley Acres vegetable gardens, we decided to take a different approach to new bed creation. For those who have been following the evolution of the vegetable garden, I would like to recap how we [...]

Almost Seed Sowing Time

By Brian | August 16, 2019

Almost Seed Sowing Time Why is it that when you are young, you think you can change the world? When I first came to Pukeokahu, Taihape, I was certainly full of thoughts around what could be achieved in making a better world. If not for everyone else, at least for myself and those close to [...]

The Bigger Better Vegetable Garden

By Brian | October 14, 2018

The Bigger, Better, Vegetable Garden If you have either visited River Valley in recent years, or been following us online, you will know that a strong part of our ethic is attempting to be a regenerative business. A business that has a primary aim to benefit the land, nature, local community, family, staff and our [...]

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