Seasonal Outlooks

Over the years, I have listened to so many seasonal forecasts.

I distinctly remember attending a concessionaires meeting in Spring 2022 and being told that the outlook was for drought the coming summer and that we should gear up on that assumption. Of course, what did eventuate?

The wettest summer in living memory. Pretty much uninterrupted rain from Winter 2022 through to Spring 2023.

However, I must admit that I am somewhat more credulous about forecasts for the coming, 2023 – 2024 summer. Weather patterns have changed to El Nino, meaning more westerly weather, more wind (though we are generally not in a particularly windy area), less overall rain, hotter days, and possible drought (again).

So what does all this mean for River Valley?

On the River

This year may see a more traditional summer. Great Spring and early Summer river levels, dropping down mid to late Summer, possibly even duckies or inflatable kayaks for a time on the Grade 5 section, with river levels picking up again in the Autumn.

Last summer saw cold river temperatures, but this year promises even to see me swimming – (the water temperature has to be over 20 degrees to see me in the water in my bathing suit).

Still a heap of fun on the river, no matter the flow.


On the Horses

There’s not much change here, really, but there will likely be less mud. Less mud is an excellent thing, as we had more than our share last summer. The landscape promises to be less green and more brown by late summer. Stunningly beautiful, though.

The River Valley Ride - multi day horse trek

On the Bikes

Again, a drier summer will not make much difference here, and as we use e-bikes, even any increased wind is not a huge factor.

The River Valley Ride - multi day horse trek

The Vegetable garden

We encountered very difficult growing conditions last summer. The constant rain and lack of warmth and sunshine meant that many of our plantings struggled. As long as we can keep putting irrigation water on, crops this season should be tasty and abundant.

This summary is just a short round-up of what we think will likely be the story over the next few months.

Vegetable Garden

What does it all mean to you? Probably not a lot.

If you enjoy the challenge and fun of running your own craft, then there may be a duckie season this summer. There isn’t always one. If you prefer a more laid-back experience on a river trip, then the scenic sections of the Rangitikei River will most likely be unaffected.

Whatever the weather actually ends up doing, we’re excited about the season ahead and hope to see you over the next few months.

Nga mihi

Brian Megaw

River Valley Lodge