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River Valley Staff

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Spencer Hall

Nickname: Spence, Spencerlicious, or my family call me “S”

Position at River Valley Lodge: Barman host extraordinaire, lodge utility, Grade 4/5 Raft Guide.

Hometown/Country: Whanganui, Aotearoa (New Zealand), now Pukeokahu, Taihape

Background: Double Masters in story telling, majoring in ‘smiles through anything.’ Slick with a camera, a pen or a paddle, highly skilled dishwasher and underappreciated fashion icon.

Favourite Music: Don’t understand the question as favouritism is for facists

Favourite thing about working at River Valley: The fear, pride and awesome respect that swirls inside my gut everytime we put in.

Greatest work memories: Me and Edith getting pummeled against the wall at the bottom of Dogsleg rapid, high siding, downtime, fear and loathing. Somehow flapping into the eddy river right with a waka(boat) full of water. Then panicking, freaking out and ballsing up the ferry across the main current, getting picked up by the relentless and probably now laughing Rangitikei like a couple of amateur ragdolls and repeating the entire sequence again. Yeeehaaa.

First time down Fulcrum in a duckie, making the carpark backwards out of the freight train. Movember 2010. Ben in party mode.

Brian welcoming me to the team. more and more, more to come.

Hobbies and Interests: Tricking the Kiwi bus with creative and ridiculous lies, scaring senior guides, mopping, sleeping, putting things off till tomorrow.

Years as a Guide: As many as I have left in me

Years at River Valley: Since mid 2010

Ko au te awa, te awa ko au – I am the river, and the river is me