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River Valley Staff

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Morgan Awhina Whatarau

Nickname: Morgs + Mum

Position at River Valley: Adventure Consultant/Sales & Mum

If a guide – I like to call myself a Lodge Tour Guide

Hometown/Country: Northland + Taihape, New Zealand


Lived in Taihape Forever! (that’s how cool this place is).

Didn’t bother with Uni, left that to my sister.

Travelled a little, still so much to see & do.

Spent most of my schooling doing extra curriculum activities other than “actual school” (don’t think I missed much).

Favorite Music:

Everything! Except Lulu no one should listen to lulu.


Favorite thing about working at River Valley: Having my babies with me. Also having all these amazing people to look after my babies for me! -Everyone loves a free babysitter.

Greatest Work Memory:

Getting a job here is a highlight.

Meeting my babies Daddy is a pretty good one.

All the Ranga mischief with Miranda …. Too many to write and so many more to come 😊

Other Hobbies:

Playing Netball & Rugby, Gardening, organizing my family (not a real hobby but my family think so), Going on Adventures with family & friends.

Time at River Valley: Since 2011 and counting

Extra Comments:

‘He tangata takahi manuhiri he marae puehu’ – A person who mistreats his guest has a dusty Marae.


‘E kore te kumara e korero mo tona reka’ – A kumara does not speak of its own sweetness’.