Lizzie Maundrell

River Valley Staff

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Lizzie Maundrell

River Valley Staff – Lizzie Maundrell

Nickname: Lizzie

Position at River Valley: Senior Trekking Guide

Rafting or Trekking Guide: Horse Trekking

Hometown/Country: Tenterden, UK

Background: A degree in Marine Biology, with a bit of Psychology, Equine Science and Animal Behaviour thrown in for good measure, although ditched the office life for a degree in living the dream.

Have since guided sea kayaking expeditions, rafting trips and horse treks in Canada, America, Mexico, Turkey and now New Zealand.

Favourite Music: Classical and Salsa

Favourite thing about working at River Valley: The big, green open spaces

Greatest Work Memory: Learning the true meaning of patience!

Hobbies and Interests: Natural horsemanship and snowboarding. I love cooking so I get a chance to do the dishes

Years as a Guide: Four

Years at River Valley: Two and a half