Janelle Strange

River Valley Staff

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Janelle Strange

Nickname: Jandal

Position at River Valley: Reception and Accounts

Hometown/Country: Taihape, New Zealand

Background: Country girl

Favourite Music: A bit of everything really. Old school, new school, reggae, a good bit of dance and can’t forget country.

Favourite thing about working at River Valley: Getting out and about, with good weather, awesome scenery and good company. The staff are ok too…. I suppose.

Greatest work memory: My greatest work memory?….. There have been so many. Hearing that I would be trained as a stables guide and all the one liners that staff have come up with. There have definitely been some good times.

Hobbies and Interests: Training horses. I like to get up the mountain and ski or board. Swimming in the river!

Years at River Valley: Started 2012, training as a guide in 2013