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danielle pegge

Danielle Pegge

River Valley Staff – Danielle Pegge

Nickname: Dani

Position at River Valley: Digital Media Manager / Housekeeper

Hometown/Country: Canary Islands (or unfortunately the UK…)

Background:  Grew up in the city and worked in fashion retail (hence I have so many dresses), then left to go travelling.  Came to River Valley on the kiwi bus and loved it so much I came back as a slave, then ended up working as a housekeeper.

Favourite Music: Wonderwall, because it keeps Derek away.

Favourite thing about working at River Valley:
Hanging out with the weird bunch of people that work here
Getting to go rafting and horse riding on my days off
Experiencing life away from the city – learning new skills/wilderness survival/wildlife identification on a daily basis.

Greatest work memory:
So many!  Rafting to Rangitikei Beach on my birthday with a picnic & loads of wine.
Whitewater fishing with Spence and Jazzy (I caught a tree).
Riding around Pukeokahu strapped to a couch on Ranga’s removals day.

Hobbies and Interests:
Drinking wine on boats
Drinking wine at the bar
Buying dresses
Towel origami
Looking really excited
Cheering the other staff up
Watching trashy TV with Roger

Years at River Valley: since 2015

Anything Else: Brian can I please have an alpaca?…