Brian Sage

River Valley Staff

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Brian Sage

River Valley Staff – Brian Sage

Nickname: Fat Dad

Position at River Valley: Co-founder, now shuttle driver and general dogsbody

Rafting or Horse Trekking Guide: Used to be on the river

Hometown/Country: Taihape, New Zealand

Background: No triple degrees in classical Greek. I have bother trying to write this. Brought up out here in the country and just don’t want to leave. My teacher and classroom has been sitting out in the hills and mixing with people from all walks of life who come here from all around the world. This has triggered a lot of thinking from within myself.

Favourite Music: Into all sorts of music. Anything that helps to free us up and touch the deeper spots. My latest project has been reviving the old dual piano combination that I used to have with my old mate, wife Robin, and jamming together again. You can listen to our rendition of “Green Door” by clicking here.

Favourite thing about working at River Valley: There is a good spirit here and it’s great relating to people in that atmosphere. It should be like this all around the world.

Greatest work memory: This is a tough one when I find it difficult to remember what I had for breakfast this morning. I’ll have to pass. There are just too many good memories.

Hobbies and Interests: I have a little mission – just a small project. Working from my multi media studio I’m out to change the world! It looks as though no one else is going to do it so unless I do something its not going to happen and we’ll all go down the tubes! I’ve discovered that we are all carrying around the answers to a whole new world within ourselves, but we rarely ever go there. That’s what I am promoting.

Years as a Guide: It’s so long ago I can’t remember

Years at River Valley: Been here a very long time

Anything Else: I feel that in spite of the fact that many things around the globe are reaching a crisis point we are at the brink of breaking into something that will prove to be very wonderful – amazing! And we’ll look back and think what bloody fools we have been when this has been sitting right under our noses for centuries. I hope to be around to see this happen. I think I will!