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River Valley has grown to be what it is today through the passion of initially Nicola’s parents, Brian and Robin Sage, and since 1986, Brian Megaw and Nicola.

Being away from the main tourist centres, we have tended to develop systems and ways of doing things that are often unique to us. This approach is quite holistic, whether it be Natural Horse Training at the Stables, growing our own vegetables for the Lodge kitchen, having an extended family relationship within the staff, or doing practical things for the natural environment.

From the very beginning our focus has been on delivering a quality, fun experience to our guests, maintaining good relationships with our local community, and operating with a minimum footprint in our natural environment. (see Our History page).

The Team

During the year we have staff who come and go with the season. Some working summer, and some winter.

While Kiwis make up the core of the staff, we welcome people of other nationalities that work with us, and who buy into River Valley being a special place.

We believe it is far more important that our staff are passionate about their jobs, passionate about delivering great experiences, and passionate about the land, and the river, than what country they come from.