River Valley and Covid-19

Whatever I write in this post I know will be out of date quickly, possible even before we manage to get it on our website or social media. In saying that, I thought I would lay out what we are presently doing, or not doing.

What is our – River Valley – policy over continuing to operate while Covid-19, the coronavirus, is continuing its rapid spread?

At present we are operating as per usual, but this is very much day to day. We are in regular contact with the tour companies that have River Valley as part of their itinerary, and will be guided to a certain extent by their actions.

I think there are two likely scenarios for River Valley:

  1. We will continue to operate in a limited fashion for the foreseeable future
  2. We will close down at some point in the next few weeks and reopen after winter

Never having experienced something like this before, we can only follow the guidance and updates from health officials. It would be nothing more than a guess for us to forecast the effect it will have on our business, our customers, our staff, and our community.

Our actions will have in mind the safety of all who call River Valley home, our families and our guests.

If You Have a Booking with Us

For those people who presently have bookings with us, we will continue to honour those bookings while the situation stays as it is at present. If the situation does change, and no doubt it will in some way, then we will reappraise this policy as time goes on.

If you do have a booking with us that falls within the next few weeks and wish to change or postpone it, then please contact our reception – thelodge@rivervalley.co.nz

It is our policy that while we would prefer to carry bookings over to a later date, we will refund if that is not possible.

Any major changes to the above policies will be communicated via our Facebook pages:




Brian Megaw

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