River Recipes No. 2: Courgette Chutney

So sticking with our theme of cooking what we are getting out of the garden currently, this week’s recipe is Melissa’s Courgette Chutney. However, really what we are using at the moment are Marrow now as they have grown so large…

Melissa’s Courgette Chutney

This recipe is so simple! All it requires is courgette/marrow and six other staple pantry ingredients – onion, curry powder, turmeric, salt, vinegar and brown sugar. Amounts are dependent on the amount of marrow you have available and subject to taste.

Melissa starts by roughly cutting 5 brown onions and three marrows into cubes. The onion and marrow is salted and left overnight, giving the salt time to draw the moisture out of the marrow.

The next day, rinse the salt off before placing the marrow and onion into a large pot along with 2 cups of vinegar, 1 cup of brown sugar, 1 cup of water and a heaped table spoon of curry powder and turmeric. Bring to the boil, and then simmer for about an hour uncovered while the chutney reduces and thickens.

Will store in jars refrigerated for about 3 weeks.

Our chefs are easy to please

Chop roughly into cubes and salt overnight

Lovely served alongside a quiche or in a sandwich