The road we have chosen to take at River Valley is not the normal road that most Adventure tourism companies would take.

We really got on to our road, and started gathering some momentum, when we became involved in conservation projects a number of years ago. These projects are ongoing and include predator control and native tree planting.

However, once on this road we started to go in unexpected directions towards uncertain destinations. This road showed us how all life is inter connected and how we could play a greater part in helping that life.

This road got us really thinking about the food we eat, and how we look after the soil. This road introduced us to the concept of being “Regenerative”. A concept way beyond being sustainable. Rather a concept of actually growing the health of our environment through initially, how we look after the soil, and then through animals and crops.

A regenerative approach also looks to providing habitat for native wildlife, and recognising the importance of all communities, human and otherwise.

All pretty motivating stuff, but what does traveling this road mean in practice?

What it means in practice is many small steps.

One of these steps is the development of a new organic vegetable garden that will feed Lodge guests with nutritious fresh produce.

The first stage in developing our new Vegetable gardens – fencing and plastic down to kill the grass


Another project is chickens. While we have had fresh free range eggs at the Lodge for a number of years, we can seldom keep up with demand over the summer.

Enter our new Eggmobile. Our other Eggmobile is on skids, but this one being on an old trailer chasis is going to really take those chooks places.

Lots of fun, and lots of learning.


The newest River Valley Eggmobile