Is there anything more satisfying then building your own hotel?

I mean the kind that is built out of drift wood and rocks amongst a clearing of reeds.

You fashion a makeshift broom out of a leafy branch and sweep the ground to create a marble finish on your hotel floor.

You serve a warm country-style casserole, homemade with mud found fresh at the side of the river.

The currency is pebbles you find by the water. Sometimes you need lots, as these riverside hotels tend to be expensive.

To participate, a vivid imagination is essential. Creativity and resourcefulness become crucial tools.

You can’t find this kind of play on an app. It’s not downloadable.

It’s an education that you can’t pay for. In fact, that’s an added bonus, it is totally free.

The end result? Children who appreciate the environment, are good at sharing and helping others, and by the evening are all tuckered out and ready for bed.


Pulling up Lupins, a weed growing along the river