It’s a Wrap. The End of the Multi Day River Trip Season.

Today the 7th of April, the guests on our last multi day river trip of the season will be picked up and brought back to the Lodge. It has been a bit cooler, in fact yesterday was quite cold, and no doubt even though warmly dressed they will enjoy a long hot shower on their return.

It has been very heartening to see the slow, but steady, growth in the number of people enjoying one of our multi day river trips. This has been our busiest multi day season to date. What is just as heartening is seeing that most of these people are booking a trip that is for at least three days on the river. This means two nights camping, each night spent at some beautiful secluded riverside campsite.

What still surprises me is how you can still spend days on the river and see hardly anyone else. This is special. While you do see a reasonable number of people on the Whanganui, on the Rangitikei and Ngaruroro, you will most likely see no-one.

Some of the highlights from our 2018/19 multi day trips

Multi Day River Trips Have Long Been a Passion

I have long been an enthusiast of growing this part of the River Valley operation. Unlike half day or even day trips where you are not really away for long enough, on multi day trips you really do get the opportunity to switch off. However, I find that it still takes me at least the first two days to truly get into river time.

River time is where your senses become more attuned with the natural world around you. You become aware of the calls and cries of various birds, Spur Winged Plovers, Piwakawaka – the fantail, Welcome Swallows, occasionally Torea-pango, the Oystercatcher. Karearea, the New Zealand Falcon’s harsh call causes you to look up and see this fierce raptor. He flies directly about his business, rather than lofting like his cousin, Kahu, the Australasian Harrier. Very occasionally you may even see Who, the rare and endangered Blue Duck.

Our days quickly become attuned to daylight and dusk, and less to clock time.

I think it is quite critical we take opportunities in our lives to take stock, slow down, feel the rhythm of the life that surrounds us. Multi day river trips can provide that opportunity.

Ever Changing, Ever the Same

All the while the river sings a constant melody, ever changing, but ever the same.

Days become increasingly simple. Meal times, loading the boats, unloading the boats, making camp. Sitting around and talking, swimming, relaxing in the sun, reading, sleeping. Time out. If there are children on the trip they will spend plenty of time swimming and finding rock ledges to jump from into the deep clear pools.

On river it is a voyage of exploration. While the guides know what is around each corner, you do not. There are surprises, immense cliffs, patches of native forest, short side hikes to waterfalls, or if on the Whanganui on a dory trip, visiting testaments to man’s folly, such as the Bridge to Nowhere.

A Big Thank You

So, a big thank you to all those people who this past season chose to spend some of their precious holiday time with us. For those who chose to share the river with us, not for a few hours, rather, for a few days, a special thanks. We hope that you found spending these days on the river fun, relaxing and rewarding.

We hope to see you again.


Brian Megaw

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