Farewell Indian Summer

The month of May is the last month of our horse trekking season. May 2019 has been a phenomenal amazing month of dry weather and warm sunny days, with gorgeous vivid hues of blues, greens and gold, painting the landscape, highlighted by the soft light cast low on the horizon.  In May we would expect it to be colder and wetter. The horses are not covered, there’s been no need, there’s been no mud. After May winter is coming. At the end of May, next week, we close the Stables for the following three months.

The change of season brings a slowing of pace to the valley, this allows us time to reflect on the adventures we’ve had over the summer. The people who have shared them with us, and those who have worked alongside them.

The past season has been full of wonderful memories. First, you our customers. It has been so rewarding seeing so many of you embrace the style of training we do with the horses and getting out on a ride and giving it your full focus. Not easy, but good on you! The horses and guides love you for that.

It’s always a pleasure to see familiar faces back each year. We have a big surprise for you all next summer with our new multi day trip, three years in the making. Watch the website next month, and of course we will let you know all about it on the Facebook page too.   Can’t wait to share that with you!

river valley stables panorama 2

The weather this May has been phenomenal for horse trekking

A big shout out and thank you to all who supported the Stables over the season.

Our guides, for growing their knowledge and putting it into practice on the rides and sharing it with our guests.

The crew at the lodge who book our rides, drive the shuttles to the Stables, man the radio’s, pack lunches, manage accounts, respond to enquiries and inform our guests about what goes on at the Stables.

Our neighbours and landowners who open their farms for us to ride over, keep an ear out for us on the local radio, when we’re out on a trip, give our horses grazing and hills to roam over on their time off so they can do what horses love to do. Eat.

Brian Megaw, for shifting breaks, feeding out, building fences, arena’s and obstacle courses. Fixing water pipes, railings and things horses seem to have a knack at breaking. Making the track and home paddocks a great environment for the horses to live in. Your regenerative grazing practices, dams, tree planting, track design, are an inspiration and we know the horses like you more than anyone.

thomas and awa

Thomas training Awa, one of our wild Kaimanawas

horse trekking guide autumn

Autumn and Tome out on a ride

nicola & brave

Nicola & Brave – he’s now a brave guide horse

tommy waara horse trekking guide

Tommy clearing the tracks for a Lodge to Lodge trek

This brings me to the horses.

They can’t read this, but if they could I would have to say we are very proud of the way you conducted yourselves this season. You bring us a huge amount of pleasure and at times frustration, but you have a big job taking out different riders or non-riders each day, and you looked after everyone in true gentle horse fashion. Thank you for being calm, confident and courageous when you needed to be.

Nicola Megaw

Calibre Alfie and Elvis

Alfie, Elvis and Calibre  – All three horses were born here and are now all in the trekking team taking out customers.

The Stables is open again for trips on the 16th of September for the 2019/20 season. All trips are available to book on the website.

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