Do You Like an Exploratory Bike Ride?

Over the years of being a river guide, I have always felt excitement and anticipation when on a new river. It did not matter too much whether that was on an easier graded river or something more challenging.

What lay around the next corner?

How difficult were any rapids going to be?

What scenic highlights were there to be seen?

Now, I tend to do most of my exploring by bike.

A Scott E-bike, to be precise. The feeling of riding through new places and seeing new sights is directly comparable to what I experienced during all those years of river running. Of course, pushing my limits on some single track is very much akin to running rapids. The concentration required, and yes, sometimes the fear felt, is definitely like running a tricky rapid.

This feeling of exploration brings me to the Gorges to See Exploratory Ride.

We are putting out an invitation to those cyclists who also like to see places new. Places the crowds have not found – yet.

The Gorges to See is a Grade 2 concept cycle trail of 200km being developed by the Rangitikei Community. A multi-day cycle ride that starts at the main divide on the Taihape – Napier Road and finishes at Koitiata (Turakina Beach) on the wild west coast of the North Island. If all goes well, the trail may officially open for the summer of 2024 – 2025.

The route is a mix of gravel and sealed back roads, with some 20km of cross-country riding, mostly on paper roads (roads surveyed and often formed but not maintained).

The scenery is fantastic, and the riding is fun.

River Valley Lodge
River Valley Lodge
River Valley Lodge

We have one exploratory departure planned for the 17th to 21st March 2024. Group size is limited to a maximum of 10 riders.

Transport associated with the ride, meals, and comfortable accommodation at River Valley, Mangaweka (Awastone) and Hunterville (Rathmoy Lodge) is included. The group will have vehicle backup and be accompanied by someone from River Valley.

Bring your own bike, though we do have bike hire available. There is quite a bit of hill climbing – followed by some great descents! – so, an e-bike with at least a 500wh battery is recommended. An average level of fitness is required. Daily distance ridden will vary between 40km and 55km.

This is an exploratory ride. A test of concept if you like. I say this to ensure you identify yourself as a trailblazer by signing up.

After reading this, I hope you will feel motivated to join us. I know I will be going and am not only looking forward to the riding, but also to meeting you.

The link below will take you to a page on our website that contains more information.

Pedal on.

Brian Megaw