Trapping Operations on the Rangitikei River

River Valley

Trapping Operations on the Rangitikei River 2018-09-01T01:44:23+00:00

The trap lines laid out and checked by the River Valley team and local community cover 20 kilometres of the Rangitikei River and a number of streams and fenced off bush remnants in the Pukeokahu area

Rats and hedgehogs tend to be more commonly caught on or near farmland, probably reflecting the lack of biodiversity in this sort of habitat, while the river canyon is where the majority of stoats are killed.

The trap lines on farmland however are a line of defence to slow movement of more predators into the river canyon.

To find out more about where our trap lines are located download this Google Earth KMZ File. Download the small file and when complete double click that file and it should put you into Google Earth with all of the new data loaded .

Trapping Operations both on the river and around the district use a number of types of traps, the most common of which is the DOC200. All the traps used are instant kill traps with the exception of cage traps for cats.

Cage traps are not regularly set as they require daily checking. The animal in this case is disposed of humanly.

We are presently trialing a number of Good Nature A24 self setting traps which we hope will be successful and the base of any expansion of our area of operation.



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