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River Valley and the local Pukeokahu community carry all the ongoing costs for the present Conservation effort, this is with the exception of the initial traps which were supplied by DOC. In order to expand our current conservation projects we need your help!

What we are looking for your help with is to expand the area we cover to include the Whakaurekou River, a tributary of the Rangitikei River that flows in several kilometres below River Valley Lodge.

This river is ideal habitat for Whio and presently has no pest control in place. We envisage that to cover the area in question will require a minimum of 30 x A24 Good Nature traps. These traps only require checking once every three months. This is important as the staff checking them will require to be flown in by helicopter.

There are 2 main ways to get involved with our conservation programs these are: Joining us on a Scenic Stoat Trapping White Water Experience or Sponsoring a Trap.


Join us on a “Awesome Scenic Rafting Adventure” as we check the trap line on the beautiful section of the Rangitikei River below the Lodge.

The DR line which is the Stoat trap line that follows the Rangitikei River downstream from River Valley Lodge is checked once per month. This is the same section of river on which our Awesome Scenic Adventure operates on over the summer.

There is an opportunity for you to accompany this monthly check. This is a chance to see and be a part of this type of conservation in action.

There is a fee of $175 per person to do so. This is the same amount as the price for an adult on the Awesome Scenic Adventure.

This money will go into our conservation funds for future projects

Dates this season are:

5th December 2015
9th January 2016
6th February 2016
5th March 2016

If you would lime to book a space (and they are very limited) please email us.


The reality for many people who are interested in Conservation and projects such as ours, is that they do not have the time nor the opportunity to be physically involved. With this in mind, we now offer the opportunity for you to sponsor a trap.

First of all upload the Google Earth file and choose the trap you would like to sponsor in either of the DR, CT or UR lines.

Contact us by email.

We will identify that trap on Google Earth as being sponsored by you, and also identify that trap at its location as being sponsored by you. Your name will also appear on this page as being one of our sponsors.

How Much Does It Cost To Sponsor a Trap for One Year?

The fee for one years sponsorship is $100. We do have gift certificates available as these can make a great, and meaningful, gift.

We will send you an invitation at the end of each year to extend your sponsorship for a further year.



Find out how you too can be a part of our Community Conservation Projects

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