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Stoat Trapping on the Rangitikei River

“To leave a legacy of an if not pristine, at least an unspoilt natural environment in which we offer our adventures. A natural environment that if possible is healthier than when we started. To do this we have to be agitators, we have to lead by example, we have to care.”

– Brian Megaw

New Zealand, a perfect picture postcard country. Green pasture land, bush clad ranges, spectacular mountain ranges, rivers and lakes. In many ways it all looks so perfect. However, scratch the surface and this picture postcard is not as it seems.

Everywhere you look our natural environment is under threat. Possibly a better way of putting that is our natural environment is under siege. Our native bird and invertebrate life is struggling to survive against waves of introduced predators including Stoats, Weasels, Rats and Cats.

In order to combat this we service 100 stoat traps (kill traps) covering about 20 kms of the Rangitikei River but we need your help! Over the years we’ve realised the importance of involving the community & instilling the same sense of passion for conservation and protection of our environment that continues to drive our efforts forward.

And so, The “River Valley and Pukeokahu Community Stoat Control Project” was born.

Tell me more about the project

Find out why we felt the need to create a community driven conservation project.

The Native Species We Are Helping To Protect.

Meet the pest species we are targeting through our project.

Updated trap locations and data captured.

See up to date figures on the difference our conservation effort has been making.

Find out how you too can help fight for our environment through sponsorships, donations or joining us on a scenic stoat-checking rafting trip.


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