Christmas Mullings

And in a heartbeat, it is Christmas yet again. Where does the year go?

Beneath the retail frenzy and the never-ending messages that buying bigger gifts leads to more happiness and feelings of self-worth, there is another side to Christmas.

For me, this other side is the chance to catch my breath and enjoy the company of family. It is a chance to relax for the day without feeling the pressure of all the things that have to be done. If it was one of those tasks that had to get done before Christmas, and it has not been completed, now you have no choice but to let it go.

So to all the people, we work with, both here at River Valley and in other places, to the tour guides, to Kiwi Experience driver guides, to those who recommend us or work with us in other ways, thanks for your work and support. You all help build and support the soul of this special place we call River Valley.

To all our guests over the last year, thanks for coming here, visiting us and sharing this beautiful place with us. We hope your brief time with us was a highlight of your travels. To those yet to arrive, Kia Ora, and see you in the New Year.

From all of us at River Valley, may Christmas be a time of happiness and content for you and your families.

All the Best

Brian, Nicola, Janey, Tom, Melissa, our families, Miranda, Derek, Kirk, Coke, Max, Ollie and Ollie, Hannah, Eddie, Issac, Ayla, Elle, Zach, Jordan, Roger, Dani, Jona, Kat and Catherine

Christmas Party 2019
Christmas Party 2019
Christmas Party 2019
christmas party panorama

A few photos from the staff Christmas party 2019

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