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It’s a Wrap. The End of the Multi Day River Trip Season

It’s a Wrap. The End of the Multi Day River Trip Season. Today the 7th of April, the guests on our last multi day river trip of the season will be picked up and brought back to the Lodge. It has been a bit cooler, in fact yesterday was quite cold, and no doubt [...]

Will 2019 See a Return of the Duckie?

Will 2019 See a Return of the Duckie? It was once a regular occurrence, Duckie season. Not for the last couple of years though. Changing weather patterns with wetter summers had almost appeared to make Duckie season extinct. No more people ringing and asking whether they could book a Duckie trip but cancel it [...]

With The Grand Daughters On The Whanganui River

With the Grand Daughters on the Whanganui River I tossed and turned that night after making the offer. An offer which was immediately accepted I might add. What was that offer? What had started as a very cruisy commercial four day dory trip on the Whanganui River, with me basically offering [...]

The Role of Corporates in the Tourism Industry

The Role of Corporates in the Tourism Industry What is the role of big (by New Zealand standards) corporate companies in the New Zealand Tourism scene? I think this subject needs some thinking about as we see the slow buy up and consolidation of smaller private and family owned enterprises by bigger enterprises. These [...]

A River Rescue Workshop

A River Rescue Workshop Going white-water rafting and not sure what safety systems are in place? Read on! You may not know it, but New Zealand has one of the most highly regulated white-water rafting industries in the world. This level of regulation seeks to ensure that people going rafting are [...]

Back On The Horse

Back On The Horse Since the earliest days of River Valley, horse trekking experiences have been an integral part of the overall River Valley offerings, with the first treks offered in the late 1980s. Over this time the culture and practices of offering these rides has changed a good deal. This has [...]

Different Boats for Different Folks

What shall it be today? A 4.6m 8 person Incept self bailing raft? A 3.8m 6 person Incept self bailing raft? Maybe an Inflatable kayak? Or what about a hand crafted wooden river dory? River Valley Trip leaders make these decisions each day, which of a range of different boats is the most suitable on [...]

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Family multi day rafting trip, Rangitikei River, New Zealand

Afloat With Three Men, Two Children And Two Boats At the back of all our minds was - "What if the weather really packs it in and we have a cold Autumn storm come through. Winds, rain and plummeting temperatures. Cold children, packing wet cold gear each morning, putting on wet gear, having to [...]

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What to take on a multi day rafting or horseback riding adventure

What Do You Think Makes up The Essentials? There you are. You have booked your multi day adventure, either rafting or horseback riding, and it has come time to pack. Time to pack "The Essentials". Now packing the essentials has somewhat different meanings to different people. Even with the aid of the recommended [...]

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Being a River Philosopher on a multi day rafting trip

"Hearing people telling their personal stories is always a privilege. Being able to listen properly, in an atmosphere of trust, becomes easy in the natural world where time is no longer the preoccupation and there are none of the usual day to day distractions. I came away from the trip feeling much closer to [...]

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