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Back On The Horse

Back On The Horse Since the earliest days of River Valley, horse trekking experiences have been an integral part of the overall River Valley offerings, with the first treks offered in the late 1980s. Over this time the culture and practices of offering these rides has changed a good deal. This has [...]

Out Of The Ranges

The Musters for 2018 are now complete, with one of the wild Kaimanawa horses from the second Muster having arrived at its new home at River Valley Stables. What Horses, You May Ask? The Kaimanawa wild (feral) horses are found grazing in small family bands within the boundary of the New Zealand Defence Force Army [...]

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Natural Horsemanship, horse whispering

Nicola Megaw Meet The Horse Whispering Mama “Mama, Mama”, a slight pause, then the young voice repeats itself, “Mama, Mama, I got a present for you!” Mama is not always sure that having the grandchildren each Monday morning is that great a present. Janey, their mother breezes into the [...]

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Natural Horsemanship Training

What Is So Natural About "It"? Out in the paddock I watch as Lizzy encourages Honcho, one of the River Valley Stables horses, to push a ball around. No ordinary ball this one, rather a ball over 1 metre in diameter. Honcho is certainly not yet at the stage of getting [...]

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Natural Horse Training New Zealand at River Valley Stables

Boredom, Frustration, Surprises, and Passion at The Stables Boring, Boring, BORING! Bored Riders, Bored Guides, BORED HORSES! What To Do? There are many looks of surprise amongst riders at River Valley Stables when they are first introduced to their horses. Much of this surprise factor is around the fact that the horses do not [...]

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How to prepare for a Horse Trek with River Valley Stables, NZ

How To Get Prepared For a River Valley Stables Horse Trek Sore bum, sunburnt, scary and the horse seems to do whatever it likes. You did not picture your horse trekking experience to be anything like this. First Of All Some Background River Valley Stables offers a range of horse treks and horse riding [...]

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