Biophilia – Good for the Soul

Biophilia (definition): human’s innate tendency to seek connections with nature (Wilson 1984).

A philosophy that receives little attention, but has become recognised as an innate species trait. Biophilia is by the very word strongly attached to biology, but in recent years it seems to have become almost an art. As our world globalises, and the majority of society now lives in highly advanced cities, it is for many people a unique and sometimes difficult experience to totally remove yourself from ‘normal’ life and find pleasure in nature’s simplicity and peace.


Slow travel down the Whanganui River

















In science, biophilia has been recognised as a cure for the soul. It is healing both physically and mentally in numerous ways, improving our overall wellbeing.

More than anything, connection to nature makes us happy.

It is apparent in our raft guides who study, protect, even worship the river systems and everything connected to them.

It is apparent in our chefs who actively cultivate the produce from our vegetable gardens into the fresh food they serve.

It is apparent in our horse guides who practice gentle natural horsemanship to build a strong bond and trust between rider and horse.

But it is most apparent is the visitors who travel to here from all corners of the earth and all walks of life, to just for a little while, leave behind the busyness of everyday life. They come and immerse themselves in nature, in a wilderness that encourages you to disconnect from media and reconnect with the lost art of biophilia.

Kaysanne Knuckey