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How Do We Grow the Ingredients For Those Fresh Salads?

How Do We Grow the Ingredients For Those Fresh Salads? Yesterday was an overcast but mostly warm sort of day with only a couple of light showers. A perfect day to spend a few, very pleasant hours, working in the Lodge vegetable gardens. Most of the attention was centred around the pick and pluck [...]

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Getting Into The Back Country

Getting Into The Back Country Our local rural community, Pukeokahu, is an active community, especially when it comes to holding fund raising events. These events raise funds for the local primary school, role of 10, and also for the local community hall. The events held include a one day walk, a two horse trek, and [...]

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Choosing the Right River Valley Adventure

Choosing the Right River Valley Adventure There is a widely held popular idea that white water rafting is only for "Adventurers". These adventurers are generally profiled as being young and fit risk takers. While it is true that many of our rafting clients do fit this type of profile, many other people that experience [...]

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On The Road to Somewhere

The road we have chosen to take at River Valley is not the normal road that most Adventure tourism companies would take. We really got on to our road, and started gathering some momentum, when we became involved in conservation projects a number of years ago. These projects are ongoing and include predator control [...]

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A Water Conservation Order on the Ngaruroro River?

A Water Conservation Order on the Ngaruroro River? During Labour Weekend just gone - October 22nd and 23rd 2016 - myself, Janey and Eddie were lucky enough to help organise and run a special overnight trip on the Ngaruroro River in Hawkes Bay. The occasion for this trip was a celebration of the first [...]

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Reflections on water

Reflections on a River Why 23 Times? “What has kept you coming back for 23 times?” I was sitting at the table with a group of people at a restaurant at Marble Cliffs, not far from Lee’s Ferry, the put on point for a Colorado River Grand Canyon rafting trip. One [...]

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Baby Boomers increasingly finding outdoor adventure

Surfs Up For The Beach Boy Generation I was there, late 1977, or was it 1978? The Beach Boys in concert at Western Springs in Auckland, New Zealand. Brian Wilson, the truly gifted member of the band was there in spirit only as he idly tapped at the piano. He was [...]

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Adventure Holidays at River Valley, North Island, New Zealand

5 Decisions You Should Make When Planning a River Valley Adventure Holiday Are the standard summer holiday options not exciting you? You know, heaps of traffic, crowded holiday spots, seemingly a never ending drain on your Credit Card. And at the end of it all, did you actually have any fun? [...]

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How Dangerous is White Water Rafting?

Just How Dangerous Is White Water Rafting? If you follow the media about accidents involving adventure pursuits, then at some stage you will see headlines about some fatality on a white water rafting trip. The media take on it will be full of drama and finger pointing. Does the media actually have a point? [...]