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River Recipes No.1: Forager’s Frittata

Miranda’s ‘Forager’s Frittata’ Head to the garden/fridge to gather a selection of the following: - Greens: Kale, spinach, chives, parsley, rosemary, rocket, edible flowers - Vegies: Tomatoes, Courgette and Onions and/or any leftover vegies available - Cheese: Feta, blue cheese and/or cheddar cheese - Egg Mix: 12 eggs and ¾ cup of cream whisked [...]

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Biophilia – Good for the Soul

Biophilia - Good for the Soul Biophilia (definition): human’s innate tendency to seek connections with nature (Wilson 1984). A philosophy that receives little attention, but has become recognised as an innate species trait. Biophilia is by the very word strongly attached to biology, but in recent years it seems to have become almost an art. [...]

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Institutional Knowledge, Like Great Wine, Takes A While To Mature

The other day we had some overnight rain, with some falling in the headwaters of the Rangitikei River. The next morning we had a rafting trip, and a decision had to be made on whether the trip would proceed or be cancelled. Over the years we have adopted a number of indicators that foretell [...]

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What is an Industry?

What is an Industry? There is little doubt that in our industry - wait, hold on, a little aside here, don't you think the word "industry" is inappropriate when used to describe professions or callings that work with nature? Industries to my mind are mining, manufacturing, telecommunications, transport, areas of an economy that don't [...]

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