Adventure Travel, White Water Rafting and Horse Trekking Articles

A selection of articles and stories about white water rafting, catarafting, horse trekking, adventure travel, and environmental concerns.

Articles Concerning the Natural Environment

The Forgotten River and Beautiful Women in the Shadows at the Back of the Room
What Price 100% Pure?
What Do You Know About New Zealand’s Outstanding Rivers?
The Link Between Feeling Good and Nature
Electric Jugs, Plasma TVs, Eels, Dams and Stuff

Adventure Travel

Finding The Adventure Holiday Where the Price is the Cost, No More and No Less
A Final Word of Warning. Taking a River Trip May Change Your Life. Be Prepared
Just How Dangerous Is White Water Rafting?
Doctor Livingstone I Presume?
Finding Inspiration on the Zanskar River
What Is On Your Bucket List?
Reflections on a River
Surf’s Up For The Beach Boy Generation
How to Find the Right Family Rafting Trip
What are the Top 5 Best Day Rafting Trips in New Zealand?
The Flavour of a River is like Ice Cream?

Articles About Getting the Most from a River Valley Adventure

Capturing the Ngaruroro
How Would You Like to be a River Philosopher?
The What, The How, and Most Importantly, The Why of River Valley
Afloat With Three Men, Two Children And Two Boats
What Do You Think Makes Up The Essentials?
5 Decisions You Should Make When Planning a River Valley Adventure Holiday
What Was The Deal With The “C” Word Survey?
Why is “About Us” actually “About You”?
What is the Difference Between A High Water and A Low Water Rafting Experience?

Guides and Guiding

What Was It Like To Grow Up In Adventure Company?
White Water Rapids And A Dance Floor. What Do They Have In Common?
The Escape From Complacency
Just How Good Are The Hands You Are In When Rafting in New Zealand?

Horses and Horse Training

How To get Prepared For a River Valley Stables Horse Trek
Boredom, Frustration, Surprise and Passion at The Stables
What is So Natural About “It”?
Meet the Horse Whispering Mama

The Rangitikei and Our Area

5 Great Summer Adventures – the Central North Island, an Adventure Playground
The Day To Take Great Strides
Is It All About The Meaning Of Life and What To Cook For Dinner?

Running an Adventure Business

What’s Involved in the Big Wrap Up?