Float & Fly Fish

Season: 1st October to 30th April

Let us take you to places on the Rangitikei River that hardly anyone manages to reach. We do this by raft. This is a Day Raft/Fishing Trip
Duration: Full Day, OR Multiple Days


Full day price for 1 Raft of up to 3 Anglers

Start time

9.00 AM

Raft Fishing on the Rangitikei River

The Fly Fishing Dream

Have you been dreaming about sneaking in a day of fishing on the river, but keep putting it off due to lack of inspiration or no time?

You Have?!

Then come join us on the North Island’s beautiful Rangitikei River. Imagine you are there, casting your line into likely looking spots, a healthy river teeming with life.

Does the Experienced Fisherman Want More?

As an experienced fisherman, you do not need someone telling you how to fish. Rather, one of our experienced raft guides will take you down the river and stop wherever you think looks best to cast your line. Even try some casting from the raft for those hard to get places.

The Only Sounds

The only sounds you will hear is the water rippling over your feet, the murmur of the river, and your fly going out ahead of you.

What is Included?

Included in the cost for a full day of fishing on the river (for up to three anglers) is a full picnic lunch/refreshments, a raft as your transportation downstream with one of our experienced rafting guides, a lifejacket, plus a wetsuit and helmet if required.

Get in touch with us now to book a special day for you and friends.

We provide the transportation and gear, catching fish is up to you

Important note. Your Guide will most likely be an experienced raft guide, not a fishing guide. If you would like a trip with a Fishing Guide, then please contact us and we will be only too happy to arrange this for you.

Want a longer trip?

Our Float and Fly Fishing trip can also be run as a multi-day river trip, with overnight camping by the river. If you are interested please speak to one of our adventure consultants to customise your trip.

What we provide

  • A raft and and guide for your group (our guides are experienced raft guides rather than fishing guides)
  • A picnic lunch with drinks and refreshments
  • River wear (wetsuit, helmet, thermals, booties if required)
  • We do NOT provide fishing equipment or licences

What to bring

  • Fishing equipment
  • Fishing licence