The Awesome Scenic Rafting Adventure

Safe White Water Fun for All

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The Awesome Scenic Rafting Adventure – Safe White Water Fun for All

Duration: Full Day

Cost: $189 per adult, $99 per child (12 years and under) – Minimum Group Size of 2 Adult Equivalents

Season: 1st October to 30th April

Summer Holidays

All the family at home? Looking for things to do with the kids?

Have you been looking for a first time family adventure experience that is safe, scenic and fun?

Have You Ever Thought that a Day on a River Could be a Fun Adventure?

Families love the Scenic section of the Rangitikei River, downstream from River Valley Lodge.

Why Do They Love It?

Not only had they been looking for things to do with kids, but they had also been looking for somewhere for their family to have their first river rafting experience.

They wanted a rafting trip that was safe, scenic, interesting, and FUN!

With over 30 Grade 2 (easy) rapids, the 13 km scenic section of the Rangitikei River downstream from River Valley Lodge was just what they were looking for.

You could also Experience a Fantastic Fun day on the River

Our guides will ensure that you are equipped with appropriate equipment, both to keep you warm, and to keep you out of harm.

Depending on the day this could include, wetsuits or specially designed bib style splash pants, neoprene boots and lifejackets. Helmets are always worn.

We realise that with a variety of ages, not everybody wants to sit in the raft with Mum and Dad.

This is the Time for Inflatable Kayaks

This is the situation where we put on some inflatable kayaks. These stable, and easily maneouvered boats, are a heap of fun and will get young teens (and adults) smiling from ear to ear as they run some of the easy rapids.

A Stunning Canyon with a Picnic Lunch

On the way down, immense cliffs cradle the river canyon. It is in one of these sections that we stop and have a picnic lunch. From there it is a relaxing float out to the take out, followed by a scenic drive back to River Valley Lodge.

How Much Time to Allow, and When to Do It

Total time on the river depends on flow, but is generally between 3 and a half to 4 hours, however allow a full day, with a meeting time of 9.30am at River Valley Lodge.

This is a seasonal adventure, from 1st October to 30th April.

For families, when booking a Scenic river rafting adventure, we will need to know the age of your children (minimum age is 5 years).

What if You Just Want a Pleasant day on the River with Friends?

This trip can also be run as a gentle float trip with oared rafts, especially suitable for older less active participants.

If you are part of a group who would like a very relaxed experience such as one that is provided by oared rafts, please specify when booking so we can make sure that is the type of experience you will get.

Click on the Booking Link on this page to check availability and to Book your trip.

Alternatively Search for other suitable rafting trips here

What we Provide:

Wetsuit or fleece lined paddle pants, helmet, lifejacket, neoprene booties, fleece top, paddle jacket, and on cooler days, neoprene gloves and neoprene socks.

A riverside picnic lunch.

What you need to Bring:

Towel, Swimsuit and a thirst for fun

scenic rafting panorama

Testimonials 'n Reviews

“The rafting was very fun and my best friend and me felt safe the whole time”

We, a group of friends and two 10 years old girls, spent two nights at River Valley Lodge and booked the family rafting tour (Grade 2).

That is what my daughter thinks about our trip: “The rooms were very cozy and clean and we loved the floor heating in the bathroom! The rafting was very fun and my best friend and me felt safe the whole time. Thanks a lot to Justin, who was very friendly and an awesome guide. He explained everything very clearly and was interested in getting to know us. He also had a great sense of humour and every time my best friend and me jumped in the river he always checked it was safe to do so. Derek, the guide in the other boat was cheeky in a good way and made me laugh a lot.”

Not a lot to add on- we all had a great time, two of our friends even booked the Grade 5 rafting tour the next day and loved it.

River Valley Lodge is such a lovely and peaceful place to stay- a great spot to relax from work.  The staff were very friendly and helpful, the food was delicious and we will come back for sure!

Thanks for this wonderful experience- greetings from Wellington!
Stephanie W.

Hi to you Derek and Spencer

Both Rob and I (Eleanore) have fond memories of “River Valley” we wish to thank Spencer and Derek for a fantastic time out in the water rafting down those rapids, and a superb picnic too.

This was our 4th trip to River Valley, going back to 1990??. We think, we remember Brian taking us down the river then. Nice to recollect memories, so Derek and Spencer, be there when we come back!!!

It was great mixing with another family, Paddy, Cooper and Zac too. Vaughan made good friends with Zac. They complimented each other on the trip, and even exchanged phone numbers before we departed. How about that!!

I have NO hesitation in recommending your place to our friends. We were asked how the rafting trip go when we got home. “I highly recommend “River Valley”to anyone” those that like bumpy rides, scenic views and picnic by the river. So cool.

Spencer and Derek Keep up the good leadership that you both have. And Brian Snr, it was great catching up on our drive back to the lodge, 8 Jan.

Cheers and take care out there in the wild

The Brown family.

Rob, Ele, Rhys, Corina (Cury) Jacob (Jake), Vaughan, 🙂

“I highly recommend “River Valley”to anyone” those that like bumpy rides, scenic views and picnic by the river. So cool.”