Team Building Through Outdoor Adventure

Rangitikei River, North Island, New Zealand

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Team Building Through Outdoor Adventure

Waratah NZ knew they wanted a Team Building Venue with a difference, hence they chose River Valley.

The advantages for them were interestingly, no cell phone reception, a great team building activity in white water rafting, and the informal nature of the Lodge.

We asked them to answer a few questions for us, about how the River Valley experience worked for them.

What they came back with is set out below.

What was the biggest obstacle that would have prevented you from using River Valley as a Team Building and Business Retreat Venue?

The team initially had reservations of rafting in the winter but we were convinced by the team at River Valley that it was going to be a fun, bonding activity and that they had all the equipment to make it comfortable.

Once these issues were overcome, we had full participation from everyone in the team. They all wanted to be a part.

What did you find the results of going rafting were to your team?

We found rafting to be an excellent team activity. The importance of everyone fighting for a common goal and coming together to make it happen. It also prepared us very well for the meetings the next day.

We had a very productive time.

What specific features at River Valley contributed to the success of your business retreat?

River Valley location – absolutely stunning, and well off the main road

Lack of cell phone coverage was a real bonus. I have participated in activities in the past where people found it difficult to switch off. Here there was no excuse. The team relaxed and got on with the job of having fun, participating in activities and working through our issues

The River Valley team – they were great. They inspired confidence in the rafting but also made sure it didn’t seem routine. Great humour, professionalism and fun people to share a drink with afterwards in the bar

Accommodation and facilities – again these were above expectation. Great, warm rooms and an informal, communal bar and dining area where everyone had a beer (or 3) and compared stories. Also, a great meeting room with a breathtaking view of the river

What were the three main benefits that your business experienced by staying at River Valley?

A real sense of teamwork was developed.

The camaraderie that it developed

All of the above allowed open and honest conversation and discussions that ordinarily would have been much more difficult to achieve

Would you recommend any part of your stay in particular?


The grade 5 rafting took our team right out of our comfort zone and that’s what we needed. I’d even consider that it was a bonus to raft in the winter. The optional rock jump into the icy water near the end of the trip really stretched the team.

It took it to a higher level

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would not hesitate to recommend River Valley as a fun company getaway or teambuilding venue.

They offer a fabulous, unspoilt location, no distractions and an informal nature that allows you to unwind and concentrate on a fun and challenging experience

Paul Gamble
Program & PV&V Manager
Waratah NZ Limited

If you can see your business benefitting from a River Valley experience, then please talk to us.

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Rafting - A Fun Way to Team Build