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River Valley Kitchen –  Cafe, Restaurant & Bar

Fresh, Farm-to-Plate Food

At River Valley Lodge we major in fresh, home cooked, farm-to-plate style meals.

This means mostly roast meals, but occasionally casseroles at night, with a mix of fresh seasonal vegetables from the River Valley Farm. Entrees are normally soups, fresh salads, or selections of local cheeses and spreads.

Our chefs certainly know how to prepare extremely delicious desserts. Make sure to check out the dessert menu board, and prepare to indulge.

During the summer, we often have lunches served outside overlooking the river, or a broad selection of Cafe style food from within the Lodge. Breakfast is your choice of continental or cooked.

If you have booked accommodation, make sure you ask to book in for dinner. Or, check out our Double Trouble or Bed ‘n Breakfast packages.  We are open for casual dining (breakfast, lunch and 1,2 or 3 course dinners), but we do require you to book ahead. You can do this by calling us on 0800 248666 or emailing thelodge@rivervalley.co.nz.


Served 7.45-10am
Prices from $8-$17

breakfast at the lodge cafe

Choose any item from the breakfast board. We have lots of options from home made muesli, to a full cooked breakfast with locally made sausages and free-range eggs from our happy chickens. The cafe also serves organic Kokako coffee and fresh baking.  Breakfast can be pre-booked or purchased during your stay.


Served when the morning raft trip returns
Rafter or Trekker’s Lunch $20

lunch in the lodge cafe

Served cafe style in the lodge, lunch is a selection of home made dishes, served with fresh saladfrom our gardens.  There is usually a broad selection, including dishes like soups, pizzas, curries, sandwiches and pies. Our Rafter or Trekker’s Lunch can be pre-booked and includes your choice of anything from our lunch board,plus an item of baking and a drink.


6.30pm in Winter / 7pm in Summer
1 Course $30, 2 Courses $43, 3 Courses $55

double trouble - dining in the restaurant

Dinner is a traditional country style roast, with a selection of seasonal vegetables, salads, and Yorkshire puddings. Each night we slow roast either free range, organic chicken, or grass fed beef (vegetarian option available). The side dishes are made with fresh vegetables and herbs from the River Valley Farm.  Pre-booking is essential.

* Children’s prices are available on request

Ethical – Local – Sustainable

Food is one of those things in life that people are passionate about

At River Valley we are passionate not just about food, but also where our food comes from. We strongly believe in the ethics of purchasing good food.  We believe in serving food that is wholesome and healthy, and at the same time ethical, local, and environmentally-sustainable.

All the meat we use is organic – free range in the case of chicken, and grass-fed in the case of beef.  The eggs come from our own happy, free range chickens.

The River Valley Farm supplies many of our vegetables, salads and herbs, ensuring freshness and taste.  This produce is picked daily, and a short time later is served in meals from the Lodge Cafe.

  • lettuce in the vegetable garden
  • river valley vegetable garden - vegetables
  • river valley vegetable garden - lettuce
  • marrow
  • cooking beetroots
  • garlic
  • chilli jam
  • river valley vegetable garden - tomatoes

Group Dining

River Valley Lodge is the perfect venue for group dining.  We can cater for large groups, just be sure to book ahead by giving us a call.

The lodge is a unique venue for events and special occasions.  These include Christmas functions, private parties, weddings, family reunions, conferences and corporate events.  All meals are served buffet style to your table.

group dining in the lodge

The Bar

Opening hours 4.00pm -12.00am

Our licensed ‘Fulcrum Pit’ bar serves a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The bar features a range of New Zealand wines, craft beers and ciders.  We also have a broad range of spirits, beer and cider on tap, and seasonal specials like mulled wine.  Please note, as we are a licensed premises you cannot bring your own alcohol.


Testimonials & Reviews

“The three course dinner that was included in our booking was outstanding. Fresh food, well cooked, well presented, and served by a young person whose manner and attitude made the meal even better. We did our best to eat it all, but it beat us.”

“Plan on doing the meals at the lodge as the staff put serious work into seriously good meals. Lots of fresh veggies. I’m a big dude (6’ 4”, 220lbs) and often worried about portions but was overwhelmed by both dinner and breakfast sizes.”



“River Valley lodge has it all! A family-run establishment, the accommodations are gorgeous, the food is outrageously delicious (they have their own farm! We ate their chicken, veggies, etc, from right down the lane!)”

Danielle C.



Speak to one of our friendly adventure consultants who would love to help you out.

0800 248666  / thelodge@rivervalley.co.nz