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The Cooler Months for Cool Ideas

All businesses need time out to both plan for the future, and also to develop a Team based culture. This is of course the standard sales pitch you will read on umpteen different venue’s websites, or in their promotional material

However what we find in reality is that those businesses that come to River Valley with the avowed intention of having some FUN, (and doing some work) most definitely get the most from their experiences here.

If this sounds like your business, and you are looking for a venue with a difference, and you want to have some FUN, then have a look at what we can offer you over the cooler months.

Hope to see you at the Lodge.

Brian Megaw

Seasonal Corporate Retreat Packages

When Are These Special Packages Available?

15th April to 15th October, Monday to Friday

How Many People can River Valley Accommodate on one of these packages?

Twelve people total per booking if participants are staying in a twin share room.

Seven people total if participants require a single room.

Twenty four people if participants are staying in a bunkroom.

What Is Included?

Deluxe (ensuited) room accommodation

Riverside Conference Room

Two Course Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch, Morning and Afternoon Tea

Additional Included Add Ons

Free use of Saunas and Spa

How Long Can You Stay For?

As much as you would like to stay forever, we have designed this package around 24 hour modules. You may of course alter them if the basic package does not suit your needs.

How Much is a 24 Hour Package per Participant?

On a Single Person per room basis = $199 incl. GST

On a Twin Share basis = $159 incl. GST

Packages Utilising Bunk Room Accommodation

If you would prefer bunk room accommodation, or a mix of ensuited rooms and bunk room accommodation, then let us sort out some details for your specific needs and quote on that.

Contact details are below.

What Optional Add Ons Are There?

River Valley is an Adventure Lodge, so of course we have adventures! These can be a great way to bring your team together and have some some FUN.

Options include:

** Grade 5 White Water Rafting

** Scenic Rafting Trips

** Two Hour Horse Treks

** Half Day Horsemanship Experience

What is the Next Step?

Call one of our experienced Team on Reception who will be able to handle the rest of the details for you.

You can reach them by calling 0800 248666, or send them a message via email by clicking here

Testimonials 'n Reviews

“A corporate group off on a Two Hour Horse Trek with River Valley Stables”

What specific features at River Valley contributed to the success of your business retreat?

River Valley location – absolutely stunning, and well off the main road

Lack of cell phone coverage was a real bonus. I have participated in activities in the past where people found it difficult to switch off. Here there was no excuse. The team relaxed and got on with the job of having fun, participating in activities and working through our issues

The River Valley team – they were great. They inspired confidence in the rafting but also made sure it didn’t seem routine. Great humour, professionalism and fun people to share a drink with afterwards in the bar

Accommodation and facilities – again these were above expectation. Great, warm rooms and an informal, communal bar and dining area where everyone had a beer (or 3) and compared stories. Also, a great meeting room with a breathtaking view of the river.

Paul Gamble
Program & PV&V Manager
Waratah NZ Limited

To read more about Waratah NZ’s Team Building stay at River Valley, please click here

Hi Brian

I am very happy with the results achieved during our stay. The remoteness of the venue meant the team put aside other considerations and fully concentrated on the conference.



What was the biggest obstacle that would have prevented you from visiting River Valley (or doing an activity)?

Location, obviously the location is amazing at river valley. The remoteness was a barrier we had to overcome

What did you find as a result of visiting here (or taking part in an activity)?

The rafting provided a different challenge to the team. I am convinced we achieved the level of engagement we were seeking from this event. It was important to me that we took the team out of their comfort zone in a safe and challenging manner.

What specific feature did you like most?

We were able to assume the full concentration of the team for the entire period. No cell phone interruption and no other disruption during our entire time.

Would you recommend River Valley, or that particular activity, and why?

Yes. Fantastic service and venue. It has been a enjoyable experience throughout.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you

Justin Clarke
North Island Contracts Manager
Humes Pipeline Systems

“A Grade 5 Rafting trip with River Valley”

“River rafting is definitely now part of our business agenda.”

Even though we weren’t too sure about combining a business meeting with an adventure. The team loved it – it was a blast!

After the river rafting the meeting was positive and high energy with great results. One of our team couldn’t do the rafting and it was great that she could have a relaxing massage instead.

We will certainly be taking other business teams to River Valley, including over nights stays for longer meetings. River rafting is definitely now part of our business agenda.

Jane O’Shea

Manager CQ New Zealand.