Rafting New Zealand

River Rafting Tours on the Rangitikei & Ngaruroro Rivers

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Discover the magic and beauty of the Rangitikei and Ngaruroro Rivers on our world class River Rafting tours.

Here at River Valley, exploring rivers is a passion. Since 1982 that passion has found expression taking people down rivers in rafts. That passion has now been passed through three generations, with two of those generations still actively guiding.

We raft regularly on two New Zealand rivers, the Rangitikei – our home river – and the Ngaruroro, just over the range in Hawkes Bay. Between these two rivers we can offer you a variety of trips, from the intensity of a half day on the Grade 5 section of the Rangitikei, to gentle float trips for families also on the Rangitikei, to mutli day wilderness trips on both the headwaters of the Rangitikei and Ngaruroro Rivers.

To book your next adventure, check out our range of products below, or if you’re still uncertain check out our Guide to River Rafting in New Zealand.


Soak up all the Rangitikei has to offer with multi-day discovery tours.


Exhilarating River Rafting experiences featuring world class grade 5 rapids.


Float downstream with your raft and guide as you enjoy a full day of fishing on the river.


Carefully selected, our international river trips are the best the world has to offer.


Find out why our staff are regarded as some of the most highly skilled in the industry.


Stay for a few nights and customize a multi-activity adventure suited to you.

Want to find out more about a Rafting Experience with River Valley? See what our guests have to say:

“What the hell a bleached blonde princess of 44 with a knee injury was doing contemplating a Grade 5 river rafting trip was completely beyond me.”

Peer pressure and a New Years Eve rash promise was the main cause, but following through with it was proving to change me into a fully fledged diva who was scared shitless and ready to bolt at first opportunity!

Kelly Judkins – To read Kelly’s full experience, click here

“This experience is one that got me “out of my seat”, out of the city and into a fabulous combination of spectacular scenery, great company and an unforgettable adventure.”

My biggest obstacle in doing a Grade 5 rafting trip with River Valley was a previous negative kayaking experience. As it turned out, if I had had the cash and time I would have done a second trip the next morning!

Neil Duxbury – To read Neil’s full experience, click here

“The one thing that I think probably stands in the way of a lot of people coming to River Valley is it is in the middle of nowhere… it’s worth the ride into the wilderness”

I would really recommend River Valley. There are so many people who never really experience the outdoors. They don’t get to breathe fresh air and the air here is so pure. You can even drink the water in the river.

Paula Byrne – To read Paula’s full experience, click here