Inflatable Kayaking - Rocks & Rapids

Half Day Trip

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Inflatable Kayaking – Rocks & Rapids – Half Day Trip

Duration: Half Day

Cost: $189 per person

Season: January to March depending on river levels

Are you looking for some summer white water fun, but are disappointed that rivers may be too low?

Days are hot, the water is warm, and it’s just the right time to go white water rafting.


Well maybe not.

You see many New Zealand rivers are not dam controlled, and are in fact free flowing. This can mean that without regular rainfall, river levels can drop. The Rangitikei River often experiences this for several weeks in late January or February.

Do not be disheartened!

Now is the opportunity to try your hand at Inflatable Kayaking. A fun option for playing on the river, these craft aren’t really kayaks at all, rather they are more like a narrow single or two person raft, with either single bladed or two bladed kayak paddles being used. They are just as much fun as rafts, but possibly more extreme, as you have the option of getting amongst it all on your own rather than in a group.

Go further and under our guides practised care, run some real rapids and drops. Great fun!

“Fantastic Experience. Definite plus experience!! Derek & Koryn were fab on kayaks………..what fun. Thanks a million”

You may be wondering whether you have the skill level to handle one of these craft? Well you don’t have to go by yourself.

Classify Yourself.

1. Not very courageous at all

– go in a kayak with a guide

2. Semi courageous

– take a two person kayak and paddle it with a mate

3. Fully Courageous

– take a single person kayak all by your lonesome

The season varies for this trip as it is river level critical. Keep an eye on our facebook posts and blog to check when it is ON!

Follow the links on this page to make an enquiry. These trips do not run every year and are totally river level dependent.

What we Provide:

Wetsuit, helmet, lifejacket, neoprene booties, fleece top, paddle jacket, and on cooler days, neoprene gloves and neoprene socks

What you need to Bring:

Towel, Swimsuit and a thirst for adventure

The Russkies Go Inflatable kayaking

Testimonials 'n Reviews

“Just wanted to let you know your outfit is top-notch even to professionals.”

Hiya folks,

Just wanted to say “hello” to you all. It’s been close to 10 years since our nz trip and it surely was the best of all our overseas adventures. Our stay at River Valley Lodge was one of the high-points of our trip. I don’t know if you remember us (editors note – we do!). We came from West Virginia with a couple inflatable duckies and you allowed us to paddle along with a couple trips.

You treated us with respect and like friends, and we will always remember that. We were the ones who threw the bug in your heads about running low water duckies.

I enjoy the newsletters and seeing that the duck trip actually caught on. We’re still guiding boats in WV and have NZ in our sights again in 2 years. It’s killing us to miss those exploratory trips we’re reading about. Anyway, just wanted to let you know your outfit is top-notch even to professionals (if you can call a raft guide “professional”).

If any of your staff is ever heading stateside for our fall gauley runs, please give me some advance notice and i’ll do my best to get you put up and comfortable as well as into some sicko whitewater. We owe you one.

That’s all folks,

Fred and Susan

“The whole reason I booked this trip was to see if I could paddle the river myself in my own kayak but unlike most tourist I knew of its reputation as a difficult grade 4-5 river so I thought I would check it out from the safety of a professionally guided raft. When I I discovered we would rubber ducky it I must admit I got a bit concerned at first but also thought, why would i go and pay for something when I could just take my own boat if it is so low you would send inexperienced people down in a ducky.

However since I have never been in a ducky I thought I’d give it a go anyway and I’m really glad I did. It was an awesome experience. I got to try something new, got to see and experience the river by actually paddling it, got some great tips on how to paddle better but all from the safety of a ducky and with the added advantage of having very experienced guides along.

The trip was very well organised and the guides made you feel safe and very well looked after. The safety set up all the way down was impressive and you could tell these guys knew the river like the back of their hands. They made it a lot of fun while at the same time being able to look after a very large group of people at all times. I’d definitely would recommend River Valley to anyone looking to go rafting in NZ. Once the water levels go back up I’ll have to come back for that raft trip I originally intended to do.

Thanks for the great experience


“The trip was very well organised and the guides made you feel safe and very well looked after.”