Inflatable Kayaking - Fun Family Day River Trip

Full Day Trip

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Inflatable Kayaking – Fun Family Day River Trip

Duration: Full day

Cost: $189 per adult, $99 per child (12 years and under) – Minimum Group Size of 2 Adult Equivalents

Season: 1st October to 30th April

This trip can be booked under our ‘Awesome Scenic Rafting Adventure’.  Please specify in the booking notes that you would like to take inflatable kayaks.

Are you looking for a family adventure that is fun, adventurous, safe, but will still extend everyone just a little?

A family rafting adventure on the Awesome Scenic section downstream from River Valley Lodge sounds just the ticket. A heap of fun, side hike, lunch on the river, what could be better?

It is then that you realise that your young teenagers (and maybe yourself and your partner), while not really wanting to (in your case), or not old enough, (in their case), to do a Grade 5 white water trip, probably need a little more excitement than what sitting in a raft would bring.

This is where we introduce you to our fleet of Inflatable Kayaks

These will give you a fun ride, challenge you, most probably get you wet, and ensure big, big smiles at the end of the day.

Possibly you are thinking that you don’t have the skill level for these craft. These boats are really more like a mini raft than a conventional kayak. You sit in them, however as they have no upper deck, there are no problems getting out of them. They can be used as two person or single person craft.

Inflatable Kayaks are incredibly forgiving and stable

At the beginning of the trip, our guides will give you instruction on how to steer them, and from there on direct you where you need to be on the river.

At all times they will keep a practised eye on how you are going.

We find in fact that many families prefer a trip that has a mix of inflatable kayaks and rafts. This means that everyone can have a go if they want.

Inflatable kayaks on the Awesome Scenic section of the Rangitikei River are most suitable for children 10 years and up, plus young at heart adults.

Warning – you may not stay dry!

When booking an Awesome Scenic Rafting Adventure, make sure to enquire about the possibility of some family members being in an Inflatable Kayak.

We supply wetsuits or our specially designed splash proof overoants, ideal for the summer, and, for those people who do not like the idea os squeezing into a wetsuit. Also supplied are thermal tops, splash jackets, neoprene boots, lifejackets and helmets.

What we Provide:

Wetsuit or fleece lined paddle pants, helmet, lifejacket, neoprene booties, fleece top, paddle jacket, and on cooler days, neoprene gloves and neoprene socks

What you need to Bring:

Towel, Swimsuit and a thirst for adventure

The Russkies Go Inflatable kayaking

Testimonials 'n Reviews

“As it turned out, our River Valley experience was as good as, or better than, anything else we did or saw in NZ”

Hi Brian,

The biggest obstacle for us was finding you, but once we did it was worth every minute of driving that winding road off SH 1. Once we did get to River Valley we realised we should have planned to stay longer.

The entire ambiance of River Valley is awesome. Being in the middle of nowhere, you can’t help but relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, good food, and kind staff.

The family room was a very cool experience for our family of six. Our youngest, a 12 year old boy, jokingly said that he couldn’t wait to get home to change our house around so all six of us could sleep in one room (we were hoping he was joking).

The family river trip was spectacular: the scenery, waterfall, and expert guidance from Brian and Daniel. We would have loved to have ridden horses, but didn’t have time.

We would absolutely recommend River Valley to other people. Starting our NZ adventure in Auckland and ending in Queenstown, our expectations were meant to grow and peak by the time we reached Fiordland. As it turned out, our River Valley experience was as good as, or better than, anything else we did or saw in NZ. I can’t say enough wonderful things about our stay.

We’ll cherish our memories of River Valley for years to come. Thanks for making our stay so special.

Hugh H. Windom, M.D.