High Country Enchantment

Full Day Horse Trek

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High Country Enchantment – A Full Day Horse Trek

Duration: Full day

Cost: $249 per person

Season: 1st October to 30th April

Have you been looking for a Full Day New Zealand Horse Trek that combines great scenery, good horses, good tack, knowledgeable guides, and no beginners?

Are you an Experienced Rider?

Being an experienced rider you are looking for something more than what is offered by the usual horseback riding tours, and while maybe not on a horse regularly, you have ridden extensively. At times in your life you have owned a horse, and enjoyed its company.

When on holiday, do you look for trekking experiences that remind you of those times, and what it can be like to explore new country from horseback. The sheer thrill and pleasure of getting to places others only dream about.

How often do you actually find this type of experience?

A Full Day Horse Trek with River Valley Stables may be what you are looking for. This ride (5 -6 hours in the saddle), is the most demanding trail riding that we do.

River Valley Stables operates at some of the highest elevations of any trekking operation in New Zealand, so weather conditions can change quickly. This alters our choice of trails used on any given day.

If the weather is looking okay, then the ride will be to the top of Pukeokahu (1000 metres above sea level), what we call a hill, but many would call a mountain. Many of the trails are steep, however the views from the top are incredible – you will just have to take our word for it and check them out yourself!

Following Tracks that allow plenty of exploration

At other times we will follow tracks that explore the Rangitikei River.

But wait, you are thinking to yourself, all the reasons why you shouldn’t go. You don’t want to have to put up with beginners, you have not ridden in a while so could get a bit sore, and you don’t want some old donkey of a horse! (Nothing against donkeys)

Recognising your Concerns

At River Valley Stables we realise that you will have these and other concerns. We can guarantee that there will be no inexperienced riders on this trek. Only people with a reasonable amount of riding experience will be able to enjoy this ride.

Group size will be small, normally 2-3, but occasionally up to 8 (including the guide).

Special Care Taken to Match Horses, Riders and Saddles

Your guides will take special care to ensure that they match you with the appropriate horse and just as importantly, the right saddle. You can let us know any particular requirements you have in the booking process. We carry English, Western, and Australian stock saddle, styles.

As far as horses go, again we will match a horse to you. Most of our herd are bred from sturdy Station hacks, horses that are strong and sure footed.

What Happens in Bad Weather?

If you are worried about the weather on the day, don’t be. We will fully refund your payment if we deem the weather to be unsafe, or simply too atrocious to undertake this trek.

Full Day treks are ONLY suitable for people with extensive riding experience. If we feel that you do not have the experience required, we will shorten the trek.

Minimum Age – 13 Years – (we do make exceptions to this if a younger person has extensive riding experience)

Click on the Booking Link on this page to check availability and to Book your trip.

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What we Provide:

  • Riding Boots
  • Helmet
  • Leather chaps
  • Long oilskin riding coats for changeable weather
  • Picnic lunch.

What you need to Bring:

  • Long pants
  • Warm top on cooler days
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Thirst for discovery

Testimonials 'n Reviews

Hi River Valley Stables

It was great to hear from you and thanks for finding my sunglasses. Stupid me. I was quite emotional when I got back to the stables with the sheer joy of the day and not wanting it to end.

I was fine the next day, if just a little bruised on the inner thigh. I have to say it was the most fantastic time I had with you, and I still get emotional when I think about it.

For me, it was a fulfillment of a childhood dream to be able to ride over country like that, with the added bonus of great company. The photos have come out really well and I will email them on when we get them loaded onto the computer. Give my love to Bling.

No doubt you are very busy now. I have already recommended a number of people to come to you to stay.

Have a great New Year. Thanks again for everything and giving me one of the best days of my life.

All the best

Rosie Barfoot

“I was quite emotional when I got back to the stables with the sheer joy of the day and not wanting it to end.”

“My River Valley Lodge horse trek was as much fun as I can imagine a horse trek being.”

River Valley was very kind in accommodating my request for a full day trek, even though I was traveling solo.

The guide for my trip, Lizzie, was just perfect. She and I really hit it off and had a lovely day together. I thoroughly enjoyed Maggie, my horse for the day. She had a great personality and was easy to manage, but had plenty of energy and willingness when we did get to canter (the ground was much too wet for a lot of trotting and cantering).

Peggy Lamberson Oxford, GA USA

The horses all had rope bridles and no metal bit in their mouth, were impeccably mannered and treated us well. Our guide, Lizzy, was so enthusiastic about everything and so mindful of our comfort that the day was a huge success. We covered so much ground, saw so much exquisite scenery, learnt so much and, once again, ate so much at the lunch time picnic.

We were met back at the stables by Janey from the lodge, with a glass of bubbly to revive us and toast our lovely horses. It was a truly unforgettable day which had been perfectly organized with our needs and comforts catered for.

For me the Megaw family have something unique to offer everyone from backpackers to people like ourselves who want a bit of adventure with comfort.

The original farm used to accommodate backpackers who came for the weekend and slept on the floor of the farmstead in order to go rafting. They were taken rafting by the family and fed by the family.

Nothing has changed really, all the people who work at River Valley come across as one big, happy, extended family.

The guides, cooks, cleaners, maintenance and management seem to just slot together to make everything work efficiently, with consideration and warmth for each other and the guests. There is no fuss but there is a lot of quiet attention to detail to make everyone’s stay comfortable, clean, happy and safe.
We had a very memorable four days.

Sue Plummer

“It was a truly unforgettable day which had been perfectly organized with our needs and comforts catered for.”

“Our second activity, a full day horse riding treck was stunning beautiful and unforgettable. We are the type of people who ride a horse once a year, if lucky, so the ride was expected to be a challenge.”