Burn the Breeze

Half Day Horse Trek For Experienced Riders

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Burn The Breeze

Duration: Half day (3 hours)
9.00 am departure daily
1.30 pm departure daily

Cost: $189 per person

Season: October-June

Riding Ability:  Experienced riders only

Conditions:  Minimum Age 13 Years.  Weight limit 100kg.  Minimum of 2 riders on a public holiday.

Having trouble finding a riding experience that delivers more than the standard Two Hour Horse ride?

Ridden before, and feel you are up to more?

You are an experienced rider who would love to get out and explore some new country on a horse that is going to move along and you won’t feel restricted by others.

Time to mount up for a Half Day Horse Trek.

This horse trek entails approximately 3 hours on horse back. You take on more demanding trails than our shorter rides. While riding you explore the foothills of a major local landmark known as Pukeokahu (Hill of the Hawk).

This trail ride also gives you the opportunity to experience views of Mt Ruapehu and the northern Ruahine ranges, and incorporates stopping at some spectacular viewing points overlooking the Rangitikei River canyon.

The Trouble is, the whole idea of an organised horse trek

However the problems are, the whole idea of an organised horse trek with quite likely people who cannot sit a saddle, and maybe too many of them, and the whole time at a walk, does absolutely nothing for you.

You want to travel reasonably quickly, get a few chances to move faster than a trot, and check out some great scenery. Add to that you learnt to ride in a certain riding style, and don’t want to have to put up with a Western saddle if you ride English, and vice versa.

And will the horses have more life than a old nag? (nothing against old nags which are a great animal in their place).

Reasonable Requests are they Not?

Reasonable request is it not – move quickly, great scenery, no beginners, good horse, and the right saddle? Not asking too much are you?

Absolutely Not!

Group size will be small, with a maximum of 8. Everyone on the trek must be competent riders, and this does not mean a pony ride at the beach, consequently the ride moves quickly.

River Valley Stables guides will take special care to ensure that we match the right horse, (and we do have a good range in the herd), with the right saddle, for you. We predominately ride in Australian stock saddles which are comfortable trail saddles and suit the terrain we ride over.  However, we also have Western and English saddles if this is your preference.

And the scenery…….., goes without saying doesn’t it?

The only real question you need to ask yourself now, is whether this ride will really be enough, or maybe you should instead look at a Full Day!

What about the Weather?

If you are worried about the weather on the day, don’t be. We will fully refund your payment if we deem the weather to be unsafe, or simply too atrocious to undertake this horse ride.

All riding equipment is supplied, including boots, helmets, chaps, and long oil skin riding coats.

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What we Provide:

  • Riding Boots
  • Helmet
  • Leather chaps
  • Long oilskin riding coats for changeable weather.

What you need to Bring:

  • Long pants
  • Warm top on cooler days
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • A thirst for discovery

Alex talking about a Half Day Horse Trek

Testimonials 'n Reviews

“We did the half day Burn the Breeze ride with them and it was a wonderful experience! We are both experienced riders and have had disappointing horse rides in other places in NZ, but not here: if you are looking for a serious ride with trot and real canter/gallop, this is your place! Well trained, fit horses that are trained in the freedom style. A very interesting style of riding with only a halter/bitless. They will explain it to you and before going out to the countryside you have some time to try it out with your horse in a grassy paddock. I especially liked that part also because horse and rider get the chance to get a feeling for each other. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, in the distance you see Mt Ruapehu.  Thanks a lot to Tom, our guide, and the Team at River Valley! Carry on like that, your place is special!”

“River Valley Stables doesn’t only provide a nice ride. I’ve never felt so comfortable on a horse, even though I had riding lessons. Our guide Autumn was great, she was paying a lot of attention to our reactions, making sure we were learning and connecting with the horse. The horses are very well trained and think by themselves, unlike in a lot of other horse trekking businesses. The landscape is one the most beautiful I’ve seen in New Zealand, there’s no road or people to bother you. Thank you again for this wonderful experience.”



“I decided to try River Valley Stables because I really wanted to go somewhere that was going to let me ride how I ride. You know, not go and plod around some field with 10 other people.  I was recommended to River Valley Stables because of the amazing views and how you could stretch your legs a little bit and get out there and do your own thing as well.  And that is what I actually found with this experience.  It was very very important to me to not go with a heap of beginners. I understand that you’re going to have to do it sometimes, but for me being an experienced rider, I just wanted to go with a guide (and maybe a small group), and get out there and just kind of be free.  That’s what I came to River Valley to do”

Alex Hoskins-Smith

“I am STILL raving about how excellent a trek I had with you and how it was worth every cent and more. Rico was a fantastic horse and you were an excellent guide. I have to say that out of all my experiences in Australasia so far, including the skydive and rafting, the horse trek in River Valley with yourself was by far my favourite.  So thank you so much for giving me my favourite memory of my whole trip so far. I have decided to look into getting some work in the outback when I get settled in Perth and it’s you that has given me the courage to do so.”

Ailbhe McCusker


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